How To Bring ALL That Stuff To College

Going off to college is a big step. Not only are you moving to a new place and starting from square one, but you first have to pack up your entire life and bring it with you—usually packed into just a car or SUV. From clothes, to shoes, to accessories, to school supplies, to dorm furniture, it can really get to be a large load by the time you are ready to pull out of your driveway. But packing your dorm supplies in a smart and practical way can help you fit more, without having to shove everything in one place. DormCo has a few dorm items that can help with the college moving-in process. 1) Try a Dorm Trunk. Suitcases and cardboard boxes are the traditional go-to for packing clothes and dorm items to carry along with you to move-in day. However, college footlocker trunks are a great option for your dorm move-in game plan, since dorm storage trunks are incredibly spacious and can hold the same amount of stuff as two or three cardboard boxes! Plus, after you're done getting your dorm room all set up, your new college trunk will actually become a part of your dorm room decor and dorm storage. Once it's time to head home for the summer, you can pack up all your dorm stuff right back in to your trusty dorm trunk!

2) Plan Your Dorm Room Storage. Another important thing to keep in mind is that even if you decide to pack all of your clothes in suitcases, there is not going to be much room for them to stay there—especially in a tiny dorm room closet. Plan in advance where you will actually store everything! Tip: Depending on your specific dorm bed dimensions, we recommend
Extra Tall Bed Risers to take advantage of spacious under-bed storage. This extra space could even fit the aforementioned dorm trunk, your shoes, extra Twin XL bedding, and all matter of other dorm stuff. 3) Don’t Take What You Don’t Need. Of course you’ll need most of your clothes, shoes, and dorm accessories, but there may not be room in your vehicle for extra items. Extra dorm things and personal items like food and non-essentials may have to wait to be purchased until you get to school. Prior planning will always help you save extra room!

4) Ship What You Can. Even with all the planning in the world, you may just not be able to fit an entire dorm room amount of stuff into your car. Thankfully, DormCo offers convenient shipping to almost every college campus in the country, so you can have your dorm room stuff delivered right to campus so it will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive! Plan on shipping a few of your bulkiest dorm items such as your desk hutch or dorm seating straight to your campus to save space in your car. You can even take advantage of our Order Now, Ship Later program to maximize move-in day convenience. And if this sounds like a great idea to you, try out our Shipping to College (or Home) - UPS Ship Labels & Box Kit to mail ALL your dorm stuff right to your campus, to completely eliminate all your packing concerns in the first place.

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