Wait...What, Exactly, IS A Rainha® Pillow Headboard?

If you're looking for a cool dorm headboard for your Twin XL bed, you've probably come across the term "pillow headboard" or "pillow style headboard". Well, you obviously know what a pillow is, and you know what a headboard is... so is it, like, a headboard you're supposed to lay on to sleep? Well, not quite. Rainha® pillow headboards do have all the plush cushioning of a standard bed pillow, but with a headboard size and shape. They are different from regular headboard construction in that they do not have a wood or metal core–they're pretty much just a giant pillow that you can hang on the wall. Now that may not sound very exciting, but these dorm headboards are actually a great choice for college students, maybe even better than traditional headboards! We list a few reasons below why you might want to opt for a pillow Twin XL headboard from Rainha® for your dorm bed, and leave the clunky headboard legs at home.

1: They're so easy to install! Perhaps the biggest reason why Rainha® college headboards are so popular is because they do not require any tools or extra hardware to be mounted on your dorm bed. In fact, if you go for the Rainha® Ultra Thick or Rainha® Lounger style, you won't even be mounting this headboard at all–just set it up on your dorm bed, and let the ultra-wide headboard base balance on top of your mattress. The Rainha® Puffy Tufted and classic Rainha® headboards both feature a series of fabric loops that can be used with removable adhesive wall hooks. They also have fabric ties that can easily be attached to your dorm bed. When your college headboard setup literally takes less than 5 minutes, move-in day is that much easier!

2: Dorm pillow headboards are extra comfy.
One important reason why you should be considering a dorm headboard at all is because they made your dorm bed so much more comfortable to sit on. When you're leaning against a plush headboard instead of your dorm wall, you can actually relax instead of always trying to get comfortable. However, some firmer headboards are not much better than the wall! Thankfully, Rainha® plush headboards are super cushiony, especially the Rainha® Puffy Tufted style. Whether you're sitting up in your dorm bed to study or just watch a movie, these cozy Twin XL headboards will make your dorm bed a more comfortable dorm seating option.

3: The
Rainha® Plush Tufted headboard is easy to clean. What, you're supposed to CLEAN your headboard for dorms? We know it sounds crazy, but if you're sitting against your college headboard a lot, you may start to notice some wear and tear. Or maybe you got hair dye on it... we can't say that we've never had a weird hair phase in college. Spot-cleaning headboards can be a pain, but the Rainha® Plush Tufted headboard with a removable outer cover is a game changer. Just unzip the fabric headboard cover, throw it in with the rest of your dorm laundry, and your college headboard will look good as new!

4: Colorful headboards for college match any dorm decor. No matter what color headboard you are looking for, we probably have it. Our Rainha® tufted headboards come in a range of colors for girl's and guy's dorm setups alike. That's right–we actually carry dorm headboards for guys too! We aren't sure why there aren't many guy headboards for college students, but we think college men deserve cool dorm bedding setups too. In shades of black, gray, dark blue, and brown for the guys, and white, pink, purple, and yellow for the girls, you're sure to find one of these designer headboards that matches your cute dorm room decor!
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