Iron Brick Trunks: What Makes Them Different From Other Dorm Trunks?

When it comes to must-have dorm items, college footlocker trunks are at the top of the list. Dorm storage trunks make move-in day a breeze, since they are extra spacious and you can pretty much fit all your dorm stuff inside. Then, after move-in day they look great at the foot of your dorm bed can be used to store extra clothes, shoes, old textbooks, or any other bulky college supplies. But if you've been looking for the best storage chest for your dorm room, you may have noticed that there's a LOT of choices. Our dorm experts are here to help you narrow it down! We're highlighting our Iron Brick college trunks to show off the features that make these rugged trunks a little different from your basic college storage trunk.

1: They're made in the USA! One of the coolest things about these sturdy dorm trunks is that they are all American made trunks. Unlike cheap trunks from overseas, these reliable USA made storage trunks are sure to last from move-in day all the way until graduation. Built to last, these real American trunks are sure to be a trusty storage solution for years to come, even long after your college career is concluded. For long-lasting, unbeatable quality, buy American!

2: Transportation is easy.
Not every trunk has wheels, but these Iron Brick trunks with wheels and handles is designed to go on the move. A well-made and reinforced inset handle with plastic grip means you can easily and comfortably haul this high performance trunk wherever it needs to go. Combined with two slim, streamlined rolling wheels that won't damage dorm floors, this trunk is basically designed for move-in day!

3: An airtight seal keeps everything inside safe.
If you don't access the inside of your dorm trunk that often, you may expect that all your dorm stuff inside will be dusty and gross at the end of your college semester. Thankfully, with this airtight, dust-proof, waterproof storage chest, you may be surprised when all your personal items are in as good a condition as they were on move-in day. This also makes this reliable trunk a great option for storing important electronics, camera equipment, or art supplies that need to be free from dust.

4: Locking clasps offer extra dorm security.
Unless you're planning on buying an actual dorm safe, then a college trunk is a great way to keep some of your important valuables and personal documents secure.
But not every trunk can be locked–they just have decorative clasps. Thankfully, the Iron Brick trunk features six zinc-plated latches that are designed to accomodate standard size padlocks or combination locks. With a padlock on this metal clasp for added security, this weather-proof trunk is a functional and safe storage solution for your valuable items that you need to bring to college.

5: They come in tons of colors!
Available in basically EVERY color, one of our Iron Brick trunks is sure to match your girl's or guy's dorm decor. If you're looking for something cute as a high school graduation gift for a girl going to college, consider our pink or purple trunk. Alternatively, college guys can appreciate the dark blue, green, and black color options that this trunk comes in. Or if you want something that is sure to match whatever dorm stuff your college roommate is bringing along, the Iron Brick trunk also comes in neutral gray and white. You can even add a pop of color with bright orange or yellow! No matter what your favorite color is, there's an Iron Brick trunk that will fit in with your other cool dorm stuff.

With reliable USA-Made construction, easy transportation, a waterproof seal, extra padlock security, and unmatched color options, it's clear that the Iron Brick trunk goes above and beyond other basic dorm storage trunks. If you're looking for something that's really built to last from move-in day and beyond, look no further!
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