5 Must-Have Dorm Room Gadgets

When it comes to college supplies, there are so many dorm items that you need. From Twin XL bedding and dorm room space savers to college shower caddies and dorm rugs, there is literally a whole room of stuff that you NEED. All these dorm necessities are always talked about and on every checklist, and for that exact reason, we thought it would be fun to list the top 5 dorm gadgets. These are college things you may not need, but they are certainly dorm items that come in handy and make dorm life easier and more fun. Sometimes the most interesting dorm products are those that fill in the details or provide some sort of help.

Dorm Co's Top 5 Dorm Room Gadgets—Wants, not NEEDS

Pizza Stuff
- Let's face it, pizza is a big part of college life. Whether you need a quick dinner or you are at a party, it seems like pizza is always the answer. Even though it might not be the healthiest option, who doesn't love a good slice of pizza? So when you are away at college, it can be handy to have some pizza gadgets to help make your life easier. From unique pizza cutters to dorm items that are designed for heating up and storing pizza, DormCo has a bunch of helpful college supplies to get you through the semester. We even have a Pizza Night Light to help you feel safe and cozy in your dorm room while you dream of your next bite of yummy, cheesy pizza.

- When you are away in college, you will rely on a lot of electronics to make it through the college semester, either for entertainment or homework and studying purposes. Because of this, it helps to have some electronic accessories on hand. Whether you need to charge your cell phone or tablet or need to create some extra outlets, DormCo has handy charging gadgets to help you stay powered throughout the semester. With unique tech dorm items that can be used in your dorm room or when you are on the go, you can stay connected to the world outside of your college campus with these useful dorm tech gadgets.

Dorm Fan
- If your dorm room is a little stuffy, you aren't going to want to spend much time in there. Make your new home away from home as comfortable as possible with a fan! With options ranging from mini clip fans that sit on your desk, to full size pedestal and tower fans, there are lots of ways to beat the heat in your college dorm room. Having a high quality dorm fan on your college supplies checklist can mean the difference between a dorm room that feels like a sauna, and a dorm room that's the coolest hangout spot on campus.

Desk Lamp
- Your dorm overhead light probably provides enough illumination most of the time. However, what if your dorm roommate is trying to sleep while you're still cramming for that college exam tomorrow? If you are your roommate are on slightly different sleeping schedules and disagree about when it's time to turn off the lights, a simple dorm desk lamp may be just the compromise you need. And since our dorm supplies website carries college desk clip lamps in a range of colors and styles, you are sure to find a cool lamp for dorm rooms that easily matches the rest of your college dorm decor!

Dorm Room Security
- Most college campuses are relatively safe places for students to live, but you never know when an unexpected emergency can strike. DormCo's selection of high tech dorm security devices can help you stay safe while living on campus. With dorm alarms and door stoppers you can prevent unwanted intruders in your dorm room, while our locking dorm safes keep your important stuff and personal belongings extra secure inside.
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