5 Things Not to Do At High School Grad Parties

Depending on what part of the country you live, your senior year of high school is either over or winding down. After the exams and the graduation comes all of the great parties. We've already told you the top 10 gifts, but thought we'd now share 5 things not to do at high school grad parties. Whether you're at your own party or your friend's party, there are just a few things you have to remember.
1. NOT GO - It may sound weird for "not go" to be listed first, but it cannot be overlooked. Life is busy and sure your summer job may need you, but there should never be an excuse to not go to as many high school grad parties as possible. Whatever you do, you must find a way to go ... there is only 1 high school graduation ... there may be many parties, but only 1 Graduation. SO GO TO ALL OF THEM!
2. DRINK TOO MUCH - You certainly don't want to be that guy or girl passed out on the front lawn when your friend's Aunt Millie steps over you. Besides the fact you can't legally drink, if you do it anyways the grad parties with your friends' family is not the place. That said some adults are lax and may offer you a drink. If it helps you choose not to drink just think of Aunt Millie.
3. EXPECT GIFTS - If you throw a party chances are you'll get lots of grad gifts, but the idea of getting gifts should never be the reason you have the party in the first place. In fact, expect nothing and be overly thankful for any gifts given to you.
4. DRESS TRASHY - Sure it's a party, but chances are there will be lots of family and adults at the party. Keep the wife beaters and short skirts in the closet. You don't want to make your friend's Grandpa Joe shake his head and mumble, "Who are these people?"
5. SING REALLY, REALLY BAD - Okay ... this is not that bad, and in fact may be funny for the party guests, but if you sound like a reject from a singing competition you may want to limit your number of karaoke songs to two.

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