Top 10 High School Graduation Gifts

If you haven't already graduated high school, graduation will be here before you know it. For many students, this means they'll be moving off to college and living in university dorms come the fall. From graduation to move-in day, there is a lot of preparation involved in getting the college dorm stuff that will turn a crammed dorm space into a livable, comfortable home away from home. For this reason Dorm Room Stuff tops every list of the best high school graduation gifts for students going to college!

Top Dorm Room Gifts Every Graduate Can Use:
1. Twin XL Sheets. Dorm Beds are 80" long and you'll want to get Twin XL sheets instead of the commonly found twin sheets. Every student can use extra Twin XL sheets, making sure this gift will most certainly be used.

2. College Laundry Bag. Every college student has to do laundry, and having a fun dorm laundry bag with instructions makes doing laundry a breeze!

3. Mini-Futon. All dorms need extra seating. No one wants to sit on the floor, so by giving cool dorm furniture as a gift you can be sure your high school graduate's dorm room will be a cool on-campus hang out spot for their new college friends.

4. Twin XL Bed Topper. Dorm Beds are notorious for their lack of any comfort whatsoever. In fact, without a dorm bed topper such as an Egg Crate, Featherbed or Memory Foam mattress topper, the student's bed will feel as hard as their cold dorm room floor!

5. Dorm Shower Caddy. This cheap dorm supplies product is a must for all students moving into dorms with community bathrooms. And since community bathrooms are the norm, a durable shower caddy will be used daily.

6. College Plush Rug. Most dorm floors are non-carpeted, cold laminate tile. To liven up a simple dorm room and add some cool dorm decor, you can give any dorm a boost with a quality 4' x 6' or 5' x 8' dorm rug!

7. Trunk. Plain and simple–a dorm trunk can be used for anything from storage to sitting and even as a mini coffee table. Collegiate trunks are under $100 and should last beyond a student's 4- or 5-year college career.

8. Mini Vault Safe. If you give the gift of dorm security, you know you are giving the gift of peace of mind. Theft in university dorm rooms have risen and any dorm supplies that keep a student's stuff safe is a good gift idea for high school grads!

9. Dorm First Aid Kits. Similarly to a safe, giving an incoming college freshman a basic first aid kit is an easy way to ensure they are prepared for dorm emergencies. With this peace of mind, these college student emergency kits carry all the dorm necessities that can save students a trip to the on-campus nurse!

10. Twin XL College Comforter. Chances are, your soon-to-be college student's bed at home is not Twin XL, this means purchasing a quality dorm comforter will be a necessity. To best fit a college bed you'll want a Twin XL comforter that is 90" Long. Always best to go machine washable or, for down comforters, to add a removable duvet.

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