Dorm Trunks - Why They Work Great!

Shopping for college dorm supplies and making sure everything fits in a dorm trunk is tough, but it is possible. Excluding your dorm furniture, a big portion of your college supplies can pack up neatly in a trunk for college.

Packing up for college in a trunk is not just space-saving, but it also makes for easy transport. The great thing about a dorm trunk is that it has so many uses once you actually get to college. Use it as a coffee table (in front of your futon), a bedside table, a bench to sit on or just a storage area for anything that needs to be organized and out of sight.

College trunks also allow for just great all-around storage in your dorm room. If you have some extra clothes or other dorm room supplies, a footlocker for dorms offers a large and convenient storage space. Since our college dorm trunks also look great, they can also add a cool touch to your dorm room decor.

With your trunk as the focal spot you can add your dorm stuff at any point. You can do your big shopping in April/May and add the extras later or you can buy a few things now and shop for the bulk of your dorm stuff in July/August. Either way once you find what you like, simply add it to your trunk and you'll be all ready come freshman move-in day.

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