College Dorm Trunks - Why They Work Great!

If you've been shopping for dorm essentials for college, we know your head must be spinning right now! There are so many essential dorm items, it can be hard to figure out where to begin. With so many Twin XL bedding pieces, dorm decor choices, and other necessary college supplies, it can seem like you'll never get everything you need in time for college move-in day. At DormCo, we believe going off to college should be a fun time, so let us help take the stress out of online dorm shopping! Our online dorm supplies store may be full of essential college items, but let's start off with one dorm item you can't leave home without; a versatile dorm trunk!

A college trunk has so many uses, it truly is the perfect dorm item! This college essential is so useful, it actually starts helping you out before you move into your college dorm room. Our spacious dorm trunks and college footlockers are the perfect place to pack your extra long Twin bedding, clothes, and other dorm essentials and can help you move everything into your new home for the semester. A lot of our college trunks do come with wheels attached or provide you the option to add the wheels onto your essential dorm item. If you want to customize your dorm trunk, our high quality USA Made Rhino College Trunks or USA Made Steel Trunks are a great option.

Now that your dorm footlocker has helped you set up in your college dorm, you can still use it for prime dorm room storage! It's always a good idea to have extra XL Twin bedding on hand and, since dorm rooms are usually so small, you'll also need a home for some of your other college supplies. This is where a college trunk can be of more use! Just pack your dorm trunk with those college items that need a space and you can easily achieve a clean and well organized dorm room. And while your college footlocker is acting as useful dorm storage space, it can also act as additional dorm seating and super stylish college decor!

Versatile college items are a must for any small dorm room, and with our dorm trunks, you definitely get to enjoy having a multi-purpose dorm item that does so much! While your college trunk transports and stores your college supplies and can act as a piece of college furniture it will also add to the fashionable appearance of your dorm room. A stylish dorm trunk is a unique college decor piece that will look amazing with your dorm decor and even your Twin XL bedding, like your college comforter. Just choose the perfect color for your dorm room and our stylish college trunks, like the Sorority College Dorm Trunks, will easily make a statement in your college dorm room!
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