Popular College Dorm Decor Trends This Year
Your dorm room is the perfect space to show off your personal creativity and style, and we want to help you find the best dorm decor items! Stylish college decor items will turn your small dorm room into a fashionable place to hang out, so don't worry about being picky when it comes to your must-have dorm items. And since your goal is to make such a small space look stylish, you'll also want to be conscious about the space that your college decor takes up. Luckily, we have various ways to decorate your dorm room while still leaving space for your Twin XL bed, college furniture, and other essential dorm supplies. In fact, you can add college accessories to your dorm room starting with

Decorate Your Dorm with a Twin XL Headboard
Dorm Headboards are a popular dorm item when it comes to trendy college decor. Our Twin XL headboards are incredibly easy to add to your dorm bed, helping you upgrade your dorm decor in seconds! Choose a designer headboard with velcro straps to attach it right to your Twin extra long bed, or a pillow style headboard for even more simplicity on college move-in day. There is also the option to go for a traditional wood-core headboard with optional college Headboard Legs to certain dorm headboards for extra support, just make sure you have the correct legs to go with the headboard you've chosen! Once added to your Twin extra long bed, your dorm headboard will quickly become the centerpiece of your unique dorm decor. Choose a bright and colorful design, an easy to match neutral color, or a little bit of both. No matter your tastes, DormCo has the right college headboard to complete the look of your dorm room.

Add Seat
ing and Style to Your Dorm Room with Dorm Floor Cushions
Another great way to enhance your college decor without taking up your essential dorm room space is with some oversized floor pillows! Dorm floor poufs lend a cool, laid-back vibe to your dorm room decor. Go for a boho beachy look or a chill yet glam dorm style with any of our college seating floor pillows. These extra large floor pillows take up very little space in your dorm storage and can easily be moved out of the way when not in use. Perfect for any girl’s or guy’s dorm setup, college floor cushions provide useful seating while also serving as a fun dorm accessory that is easy to match with your other dorm decorations. And in a range of colors and styles, you are sure to find a cute floor pillow for dorms that belongs on your dorm supplies checklist!

Upgrade Your Home Away from Home with Dorm Rugs

Your dorm room floors are the perfect spot to add even more college decor without taking up space in your college dorm. Most college dorm floors are ugly laminate tile or suspicious carpet that hasn’t been vacuumed in a while, so you should definitely cover them up with a cute dorm rug. Our Machine Washable Dorm Rugs and College Plush Rugs add a pop of color and texture to your dorm floor that can really transform your small space. A shaggy rug for dorms also goes a long way towards making your dorm feel more cozy and home-like, instead of like a day camp… or a prison cell. Whether you go for a neutral gray or black rug, or with a colorful blue or shocking neon color rug, DormCo’s wide selection of college dorm room rugs can be a cool dorm accessory for guys and girls alike.

Pick and Choose Your Favorite Random Dorm Room Essentials
Once you've gotten those important dorm necessities out of the way, you can really let loose on picking out your decorative dorm stuff. In fact, DormCo has an entire section dedicated to
trendy dorm accessories, ranging from sparkly Christmas lights to dorm tapestries. These last few dorm items really round out your college decor and make it totally unique to you... and for a low cost! After all, decorating your college dorm room is all about showing off your personal style. With your dorm essentials shopping finished, you can pick out a few of our one of a kind dorm decorations to put the finishing touches on your dorm setup!
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