The Latest in College Dorm Decor

Your dorm room is the perfect space to show off your personal creativity and style, and we want to help you find the best dorm decor items! Stylish college decor items will turn your small dorm room into a fashionable place to hang out, so don't worry about being picky when it comes to your one of a kind dorm items. And since your goal is to make such a small space look stylish, you'll also want to be conscious about the space that your college decor takes up. Luckily, we have various ways to decorate your dorm room while still leaving space for your Twin XL bed, college furniture, and other essential dorm supplies. In fact, you can add college accessories to your dorm room starting with your extra long Twin bed with a one of a kind College Headboard!

Decorate Your Dorm with a Twin XL Headboard

Dorm Headboards are the newest craze when it comes to one of a kind college decor. Our Twin XL headboards are incredibly easy to add to your dorm bed, helping you upgrade your dorm decor in seconds! Choose a college headboard with velcro straps to attach it right to your Twin extra long bed or simply wedge your new dorm headboard in between your college bed frame and your XL Twin mattress. There is also the option to add on our college Headboard Legs to certain dorm headboards for extra support, just make sure you have the correct legs to go with the headboard you've chosen! Once added to your Twin extra long bed, your dorm headboard will quickly become the centerpiece of your unique dorm decor. Choose a bright and colorful design, an easy to match neutral color, or a little bit of both. No matter your tastes, DormCo has the right college headboard to complete the look of your dorm room.

Perfectly Accent Your College Decor with Dorm Throw Pillows

Another great way to enhance your college decor without taking up your essential dorm room space is with some fun college throw pillows! Your extra long Twin sized bed is already going to be there, so why not add to its style with some colorful and stylish dorm bedding supplies? The perfect Decorative Dorm Pillow can add the right amount of color to your college bedding, which will perfectly accent the rest of your dorm decor and college furniture. And who doesn't love a Twin XL sized bed that is full of super soft and ultra cozy dorm pillows? We know that we are on board with increasing comfort and style, all while maximizing the space you have in your dorm room! Space saving versatile college supplies are always in, so pick out one, two, or more college throw pillows to create the perfect dorm space.

Don't Forget Your Dorm Walls!

Your dorm room walls are the perfect spot to add even more college decor without taking up space in your college dorm. If your university allows you to add dorm decor to your walls, you should definitely take advantage of that! With so many different ways to decorate your dorm walls, you can truly have a dorm room that is uniquely yours. Add a College Poster to show off your interests, a Dorm Tin Sign for that extra bit of college decor, or even a Peel N Stick mural for even more stylish dorm room design! Your dorm wall college decor is only limited by how much wall space you have available. Add on a few dorm decor pieces or go crazy with different colors, styles, and themes.
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