Storage Tips For Those On The Top Bunk

Freshman year is not far away, and soon your dorm will be where you call home. Chances are, over the summer following high school graduation you’ll be talking to your soon-to-be roommate. You’ll decide many things together; such as sharing a fridge and microwave, dorm rugs, and your college furniture. One thing you may not know until move-in day is your room layout, which includes whether or not you’ll have a bunk bed. This may seem to be a minor detail, but one thing that’s easily forgotten is the storage space under your bed.

If you opt for the top bunk, make sure you discuss under-bed storage. There is nothing wrong with the top bunk, but if your roommate thinks all the underbed storage is his or her's, then you’ll want to discuss that earlier versus later. The reason this is important is that dorm storage space is so limited that if you have no underbed storage or all underbed storage, it will make a difference on what you can fit in your college dorm room. Of course you want to bring as much stuff as possible to college, so the key with any potential roommate situation is to converse. Keep the communication open and you’ll be fine…take half of your room
mate's underbed stuff, pull it out and throw it on the floor and you’ll have a problem. Regardless, if half the underbed space should be yours, the best thing to do is talk it out. You'll find most roommates, even if not best friends, will be reasonable.

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