What Do Dorm Rooms Lack That I Didn't Realize?

...Give up?
Answer: A hallway closet. In dorm life, you get one closet. That closet has to be your everything closet, so when you wonder why your space is limited, blame it on the closet. At least back home you most likely had an entrance closet or a mud room closet to keep your shoes and coats, but in college there is no such thing!

The solution: Without a closet for your shoes you just have to get more creative. One of the best ways to get creative is to utilize your door space. That's rightyour door space! Every door in your dorm should be used for placing over the door shoe pockets, over the door hooks and anything else that provides storage. Your closet doors are the real secret to getting the most out of your dorm space. Whether you hang baskets, hooks, shelves, or shoe racks, one thing is for certain and that is your dorm door space is prime-storage real estate.

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