Dorm Rugs - Which Size Do I Need?

Choosing your college rug depends on how much of the dorm room you want it to cover. Do you want a dorm rug just in front of your Twin XL bed? Or do you want a college rug to cover almost your entire dorm floor? Do you want the cheapest dorm rug just to keep the nasty floor covered? Or do you want a college rug that adds sophisticated dorm décor to make your dorm room unique?

The most popular size for college dorm rugs is 5’ x 8’. Close behind 5’ x 8’ in popularity are the 4’ x 6’ and 6’ x 9’ sizes. The reason 5’ x 8’ dorm rugs are the most popular is that they cover up the majority of your open floor space.Although 5’ x 8’ won’t cover your entire college dorm room or under your XL Twin bed, it will cover open space while leaving enough room for your college furniture and other dorm supplies. Wherever you may walk, sit or even lie on the floor, the 5’ x 8’ size has you covered. With a 5’ x 8’ dorm rug the overall cost is affordable, although other factors like design and material can influence the price.

4’ x 6’ is the second most popular dorm rug size. The reason is that the 4' x 6' size for many dorm rooms fits square in the middle of your dorm room's open space. The size also fits perfectly next to dorm beds, especially dorm bunk beds. If your bed is not bunked, the 4’ x 6’ dorm rug can be positioned next to your extra long Twin bed and can cover your personal space. It’s a versatile size and can make for great college décor.

Although 6’ x 9’ doesn’t cover your entire floor, it is as close as you’ll get without hiring a local carpet layer (which we don't recommend you do if you have a college friendly budget to stick to!) This size gives your dorm room coverage under your Twin extra long bed and across your entire college dorm room. Still, some opt for a smaller dorm rug for college since you don’t need a nice dorm rug under your Twin XL bed collecting dust bunnies!

You’ll also find 3’ x 5’ college rugs while on your dorm shopping journey. These dorm rugs are typically bedside college rugs only and provide a limited amount of coverage. 3' x 5' is a great size for giving your feet something comfortable and soft to step on next to you dorm bed each morning. Plus, if you're not sure your roommate will like the dorm rug you select, choose something smaller and keep it to your side of the room.

The above sizes are the most common sizes for dorm rooms. However, you will find some variants out there. Still, with these sizes as your base for measurement, you'll be able to figure out what size will suit your dorm room best. Remember, no matter how small or large an essential college rug is, it will round out and contribute to your overall college décor. Dorm rugs are some versatile college supplies that you'll want to add to your dorm room, use them to make your dorm floor more soft and comfortable while also adding to the appearance of your college dorm décor!

At DormCo, we have a ton of amazing college rugs that will fit your dorm room needs. Go soft with our Microfiber Dorm Rugs or add even more softness to your dorm floor with our Plush College Rugs. All of these are also machine washable dorm rugs for the ultimate convenience!
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