College Dorm Bedding Tips - What is Twin XL?

When shopping for college dorm bedding for your dorm bed, it is important to know what size college mattress you have. Almost every dorm room comes equipped with a Twin XL Mattress–that is, Twin Extra Long, as opposed to the standard Twin length. Normal Twin size mattresses measure approximately 38" x 75", while college beds are 38" x 80". But how big of a difference does those extra 5 inches make? Do you really need all new extra long Twin bedding with extended dimensions for your dorm bed? Thankfully, our Dorm Experts are here to decode what dorm bedding you actually need and exactly when that extra length matters. We're here to give you the break down of the different bedding necessities and if that Twin XL size is really necessary!

When Size Matters:

1) Sheets - Since your sheets will include a flat sheet, a pillow case, and a fitted sheet, it is important that the sheets purchased are labeled Twin XL. The reason is that in order for the fitted sheet to be, as the name implies, fitted, it must be made for Twin XL bed dimensions. In other words, it has to be 80" long–otherwise, you won't even be able to fit a standard Twin size sheet on your dorm bed!

) Comforters - If you ask some people, they feel that purchasing a Twin sized comforter is fine for a Twin XL bed. But if you ask us, we will tell you that it really should be Twin XL. Standard size twin comforters will only just baaarely cover your dorm bed. If you're taller than average, this may result in you not even having enough cover, leaving your feet sticking out from the bottom of your dorm comforter! For that reason, we don't even carry basic Twin sizes–just true Twin XL, 90" long college bedspreads that properly fit your dorm mattress.

Mattress Pad / Mattress Topper / Mattress Encasement - As you can see all these products start with the term mattress. This means that like your fitted sheet, in order to fit your Twin XL bed, this dorm bedding layer must be sized correctly. You cannot get a Twin mattress pad and expect it to fit your dorm mattress. Look only for Twin XL sized products with a 79" or longer length.

Duvet Covers - A duvet cover is a great addition to college dorm bedding supplies, whether you have a Down comforter insert or not. Twin XL duvet covers will provide extra comfort to your bedding and a nice splash of color to your college dorm room. Duvet covers encase your Twin XL comforter and keep it protected from damage or getting dirty. If you have already selected a Down or Down Alternative Twin XL comforter for college, a Twin XL duvet cover is necessary. Twin size duvet covers will be too short, and the white comforter insert inside may feel like its bursting out–that is, if you can even fit it all inside a too-small duvet cover!

When Size Doesn't Matter:

1) Pillows - If you are getting a new pillow for your college bedding it does not need to say Twin XL. In fact you probably won't find a pillow that says Twin XL and if you do, that company is doing some really good marketing.

2) Blankets- Most Bed Blankets for college will be standard twin-bed blankets. Due to blankets being tucked, folded, and in general large, it is not necessary to seek the Twin XL label on your dorm's bed blanket. Just remember your Twin Long bed is typically 36" or 39" by 80". If your blanket is bigger, you should be fine.

Final Tip: Although looking for the words Twin XL is important, in some cases you'll ultimately want to look for the measurements. Remember your twin long bed is 80" long and if the product is fitted you need 80"!
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