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Zebra Pop and Fold Double Hamper
College Laundry Essential - Zebra Pop and Fold Double Hamper - Useful Dorm Organizer

Zebra Pop and Fold Double Hamper

Top Features include:
  • Trendy Zebra colors
  • 2 Sections for darks and whites
  • Heavy weight carrying straps
  • Great hamper for college dorm life
Retail Price $16.99
Student Discount Price $13.73
You Save: $3.26
Dimensions: 12" x 28" x 21"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: I-BIN-18-6085-4103

With the right college laundry supplies, doing laundry in college can become an easier and even a faster task. First up, you'll need that laundry hamper to transport those dirty clothes, unless you prefer making a dozen back-and-forth trips to the laundry room. If you're looking for a dorm laundry hamper, this Zebra Pop and Fold Double Hamper. As you can see, this hamper for college has the added feature of having two compartments. This is perfect for separating light and dark colors, which is important; if you don't, your whites tend to take on a gray, not-so-great-looking color! Don't let that happen! You can also use the two sections to separate fragile clothes or special fabrics from regular clothes.

A laundry hamper for college students is a basic dorm item, so go beyond the basic. you'll find this divided, cheap laundry hamper to be useful. Plus, you can save time in the laundry room by not having to separate your whites and darks—the job will already be done. And while so many students will opt for your everyday blue or black college dorm hampers, this hamper for college has zebra print. It's a nice touch of style that can go a long way as far as making laundry day that much better!

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