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Word Lock - Secure Cable Lock
Word Lock - Secure Locking Cable

Word Lock - Secure Locking Cable

Top Features include:
  • Campus security necessity for any bike owner
  • Beyond bikes, great for locking your closet doors shut, and other uses, too!
  • 4' Self-Coiling Set - 6 mm thick
  • Easy to remember, pre-set combo - words are easier to remember than numbers!
Retail Price $10.89
Student Discount Price $6.49
You Save: $4.40
Dorm Co. Tip: Don't kick yourself later - lock it now!
Dimensions: 4' Long

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: DS-CL-510-A1X-30802

Dorm security is important! We shouldn't have to tell you that. No matter how many friends you have on campus, keeping your college stuff safe is paramount. With that in mind, be sure that you include some security supplies for college. For example, if you're bringing a bike to campus, you'll definitely need a lock, as you can blame only yourself if you leave your bike unsecured and the worst happens. Instead, be prepared with the right college stuff such as this Word Lock - Secure Locking Cable. This dorm essential has a cut-resistant cable and a convenient word lock.

As you can guess, words are easier to remember than numbers. So with a pre-set word as your password, you'll have only to remember that word, and then this lock can be unlocked with ease. Even if you don't have a bike as part of your supplies for college, you'll find other uses for this dorm item. You can loop it through some closet handles, for example, to secure the dorm items kept inside. You really can't be too safe on campus, and don't worry about looking paranoid. Instead, you'll look smart and prepared by having dorm security products as part of your college necessities.

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