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White Louvered Hamper
College Supplies Dorm Laundry Hamper White Louvered Hamper


White Louvered Hamper

Top Features include:
  • Stylish louvered panel adds to dorm room decor!
  • Lid for more compact storage
  • Easy Assembly
  • Smooth interior won't snag clothing

Retail Price $59.99
Student Discount Price $49.99
You Save: $10.00
Dorm Co. Tip: This dorm laundry hamper will hold plenty of laundry while adding to your dorm room decor!
Dimensions: 27.64" H x 17.75" L x 13.4" W

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: RED-5520

When dorm room shopping for your dorm essentials and putting dorm items on your college dorm checklist, you know you need a dorm laundry bag or dorm laundry hamper. You literally cannot go to college without one. You could try, but it won't work well. Your clothes would then end up in a messy heap on your college closet floor or worse - on your dorm room floor. Your roommate won't appreciate that much, trust us. Plus leaving your clothes in a messy heap will detract from your dorm room decor quite a bit. You don't want to detract from your dorm room decor and you definitely need a dorm laundry bag. We know, they're not the most fun dorm necessities to go dorm room shopping for. You like to shop for the nice looking college supplies that add to your dorm room decor and well - a dorm laundry bag just isn't fun to look at. However, that all changes with our White Louvered Hamper!

Our White Louvered Hamper is a dorm laundry hamper that will actually add to your dorm room decor! This dorm item is one that you will love dorm room shopping for and you will even love to leave it out in the open in your college dorm room. When you were planning on a dorm laundry bag, you probably thought about just hiding your dorm laundry bag in your college closet or under your dorm bed. However, this dorm essentials item can sit right out in your dorm room and add to your dorm room decor. This dorm laundry hamper is large sized so you can hold plenty of laundry in this college supplies item. Our dorm laundry hamper is white and has louvered slats to add to dorm room decor and there is a hinged lid so you can keep your laundry hidden and allow yourself privacy. The inside of this dorm item has a smooth interior so you don't have to worry about your clothes snagging. Perfect for a college apartment or dorm room, our
White Louvered Hamper will allow you to store plenty of laundry and add to your college room decor!

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