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Towel (2 Pack) and Washcloth (2 Pack) Set - Classic College
College Supplies Towel and Washcloth Set - Classic College


Towel and Washcloth Set - Classic College

Top Features include:
  • 4 piece High Quality 100% Cotton Towel and Washcloth Set
  • A dorm essential that adds to dorm room decor!
  • Great Absorbency
  • Includes: 2 Towels and 2 Washcloths
Retail Price $23.49
Student Discount Price $17.39
You Save: $6.10
Dorm Co. Tip: Extra towels reduces how often you do laundry

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Choose Towel & Washcloth Color

Go to college prepared with our Classic College Towel and Washcloth Set! Our Classic College Towel and Washcloth set comes with two dorm towels and two college washcloths in one convenient set, ensuring you are prepared for college. The Classic College and Washcloth Set allows you to mix and match your dorm towel color and dorm washcloth color with a choice between four available colors. Mix and match your dorm towels and washcloths to your dorm room decor! You can't leave your dorm towels in the bathroom, after all so you may as well choose colors that are your favorite and match our dorm room style because chances are your dorm towels and washcloths are going to hang out on a dorm drying rack when not in use.

You don't want to just go college being prepared though. It is best to be over-prepared and have extras handy of the dorm items you use the most. Dorm towels and washcloths are those dorm essentials you can never have too many of. You never know when the dorm laundry room washer and dryers are going to all be in use or when you're too busy to do laundry. With extra dorm washcloths and towels handy, you don't have to worry that you won't be able to shower in the morning if you don't do laundry. You're going to worry enough about your grades on exams, don't worry about having enough college supplies, too!

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