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Sticky Page Markers and Note Pads
Sticky Page Markers and Note Pads

Sticky Page Markers and Note Pads

Top Features include:
  • Use for studying or just leaving notes
  • Sticks to the pages without damaging your book
  • Comes with 11 different pads
  • There are 30 sheets per pad
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Product Code: BB2-2-3-GH401

While there are many tests you'll take during college, college itself is one long test of your organizational skills. With all the classes, notebooks, textbooks, and other material that you'll need to keep straight, it can help to have organizational products included with your dorm stuff. College supplies should help make college life easier, after all, and staying organized is the simple thing to do. Whether you need to read 10 chapters of a textbook by tomorrow or a midterm is next week, these Sticky Page Markers and Note Pads will help you track your progress. Since they come in a variety of colors, they're perfect if you're the student who keeps his or her college stuff color coded.

Don't think that you'll be able to keep the onslaught of information that college throws at you all in your head. You'll need some reminders to help you along. A simple sticky pad reminder on your notebook for college or other dorm item is all that's needed to remind you not to miss that big test! One of the easiest ways to do better in college is to keep organized, and you'll find these simple, colorful notes to be some useful college and dorm organization items.

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