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Rest EZ - Removable Dorm Bedding Recliner Seat
Convenient Dorm Seating - Rest EZ - Removable Dorm Bedding Recliner Seat - Cool Dorm Item


Rest EZ - Removable Dorm Bedding Recliner Seat

Top Features include:
  • Turns your dorm bed (sleeping area) into your dorm seat (hang out area)!
  • Dorms lack space & your Twin XL bed quickly becomes a hang out seat for friends - Rest EZ makes it comfortable - Soft Foam Cushioning
  • Strong all Steel Construction Frame slides in between mattress and dorm bed frame - No Tools Needed
  • Backrest pivots and adjusts (stays out of the way when sleeping and turns into a seat when hanging out, watching TV or getting work done)

**Check out our video below to see how easy it is to make your dorm bed super comfy for not just sleeping, but for sitting up and reading as well.**

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Retail Price $39.99
Student Discount Price $33.30
You Save: $6.69
Dorm Co. Tip: Save space by using your college bed as your main dorm seat too
Dimensions: Headboard is 23" W x 17" H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CC1-1-6-RESTEZ

That dorm bed of yours is probably the most important dorm item in your entire dorm room. You've heard that you spend a third of your life in bed, but in college, it's more like half! It's not that you'll necessarily be sleeping more; it's that your dorm bed becomes the default hangout spot when you're in your dorm room. From studying, to watching to TV, to having a bowl of cereal, you'll be seated atop that dorm bed for most of the time you spend in your dorm room. Sitting on a bed is comfortable, more or less, but it can be made way more comfortable with the Rest EZ - Removable Dorm Bedding Recliner Seat. If your bed's against the wall, it'll offer some back support but no where near the support or comfort you'll receive with this cool dorm item.

Useful dorm items like this Rest EZ are all about making dorm life better and more comfortable. Your dorm room, after all, needs to be your ultimate relaxation zone; you need a spot where you can come back to after a long day of classes and just unwind. Since you'll be hard pressed to fit a full-size recliner chair in a dorm room that's already cramped with other college supplies, this dorm room essential is a true space-saving dorm supply. It's the versatile and smartly designed dorm supplies that make dorm living the best it can be. So take dorm seating from so-so to superb with our Rest EZ Recliner Seat.

Turn your dorm bed into comfy dorm seating!

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