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Removable Highlight Tape - No INK
Removable Highlight Tape - No INK College Study Supplies

Removable Highlighter Taper

Top Features include:
  • Highlight notes and textbooks without ink
  • Won't damage books - important for selling textbooks back!
  • Easy to Remove - College study necessity
  • 3-Pack is all 1 color - Yellow - Each roll is 50 ft.
**Contains 3-Packs**
Retail Price $9.99
Student Discount Price $7.98
You Save: $2.01
Dorm Co. Tip: Get as much $$ as possible from Textbook buybacks

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: GH3-1-3-127

Our Removable Highlight Tape is a 3-pack of 50 feet of highlighter tape. The advantage to using our Removable Highlight Tape is that your textbooks won't get damaged or ruined. This is very important because depending on your ability to get the most cash possible for selling your textbooks back at the end of the semester you'll will need to ensure that your textbooks are in mint condition. Any marks or highlighting could result in you getting less back for your textbooks or your textbooks being refused altogether. By using our Removable Highlight Tape you can study and highlight without concern because this highlighter is easy to remove. Peels on and off with ease!

This smart college dorm supply product is also great because it keeps your hands and stuff clean. Ever have a highlighter smudge on your hand or in your book? Not only is it annoying but it is destructive for your book and even your clothing or backpack. With the ability to now use our Removable Highlight Tape you have a better way to study!

Just like White Tape Tape made whiting out better so too our Removable Highlight Tape makes highlighting better.

Removable Highlight Tape - No INK.
Highlight without damaging books!
Easy-to-remove, no ink involved.
Includes 3-Packs: All Yellow

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