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Oversized Dry Erase - Peel N Stick (4 - 6ft Long)
Dorm Necessity - Useful Oversized Dry Erase - Peel N Stick (4 - 6ft Long) - Great College Supply


Oversized Dry Erase - Peel N Stick (4 - 6ft Long)

Top Features include:
  • Seriously Long! 4-6FT is as long as you are tall!!
  • Peel N Stick - Uses removable and reusable sticky technology to hang
  • No damage to dorm walls - Easy to hang & use - No residue
  • Dry Erase is great for notes, messages, quotes, reminders, doodling, etc.

Note: Traditional Oversized White Dry Erase Boards would cost you $100-$250 for the same size our Peel N Stick Dry Erase Roll does for under $15!

**Check out our Video below to see why not only a dry erase board can be fun and cool but convenient too! Move over big dry erase boards and grab a lightweight dry erase sheet.**

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Retail Price $24.99
Student Discount Price $9.99
You Save: $15.00
Dorm Co. Tip: In college you can always use more dry-erase space

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CC2-2-ODE

Big white boards for college dorms are bulky, expensive, and just not very practical or conducive to dorm living. If you're the type who likes to keep her schedule written out on a big board or if you just like to doodle with markers, a larger dry erase board is a dorm room necessity. But how can you get one large enough that's still practical to carry and not crazy expensive? Simple! Instead of getting a dry erase board for college dorms, get a dry erase sheet like this Oversized Dry Erase - Peel N Stick (4 - 6ft Long). This adhesive sheet is plenty large; it will cover up a big part of your dorm room wall and has real potential to add to your dorm wall decor.

Since this dry erase sheet is a cheap dorm item, you'll save money and still have a practical solution to the oversized white board dilemma. If anything our Peel N Stick dry erase sheet is better than regular white boards. It'll be much easier to transport this dry eraser sheet than it will be to carry a big white board for dorms. And how would you ever fit such a big white board in your car? Also, don't settle for a dry erase board that's small. The more space you have, the more you can add to your college wall decor. After all, you'll want room to draw plenty of cool pictures and still have space leftover to write on your schedule.
Don't buy some big, clunky dry erase board. Check out how convenient this sheet is!

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