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On the Go Personal Blender - (Black Color Only)
Convenient College Appliance - On the Go Personal Blender - Black - College Meals Made Easy

On the Go Personal Blender - (White Color Only)

Top Features include:
  • Great for making protein shakes, milkshakes and smoothies in your dorm!
  • Easy to use 1-touch pulse switch plus 12oz Blender Jar which doubles as your on the go mug!
  • Great for making a fast shake and running off to class or the gym
  • Stainless Steel Blade & Powerful Motor Base
Bonus: Can chop nuts, grate cheese and grind coffee too!
Retail Price $23.99
Student Discount Price $18.97
You Save: $5.02
Dorm Co. Tip: Avoid Freshmen 15 by making protein shakes

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: D2-1-1-EPB2570OGPB

Eating in your dorm room isn't all about Ramen noodles and packs of fruit snacks; there will be room for some real fruit in your diet. Eating healthy in college can be difficult, as we're sure you could guess. Mom won't be there to make meals for you, and just finding time to go to your school cafeteria once or twice a day can be tough. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to just consume a bunch of healthy fruits and vegetables all at once? As you guessed, you do! Blend all those ingredients together to make a smoothie. Even if you're eating nothing but junk and fried foods for the rest of the day, you'll be glad you had a smoothie earlier on.

You'll need a blender for college to be able to make nutritious drinks, so try this On the Go Personal Blender - Black. Blenders aren't all about smoothies, of course, although they're great, quick dorm snacks. Splurge and make yourself a milkshake now and then! Whether it's a smoothie, a milkshake, or grinding coffee, you'll save money by making your own food in college. Buying any of those dorm snacks is more expensive than making them yourself. Just before heading to the gym or heading off to class, try eating something nutritious. We can assure you that half an hour later, you'll be feeling that much better.

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