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Laundry & Bath - Premium Dorm Room Kit
Comprehensive College Student Laundry & Bath Supplies - Premium Dorm Room Kit

Laundry & Bath - Premium Dorm Room Kit

Top Feature include:
  • All the bath & laundry stuff a college student needs to live away from home!
  • Includes: 19 Dorm room essentials
  • No throw away items in this college pack!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
Retail Price $179.99
Student Discount Price $119.88
You Save: $60.11

Dorm Co. Tip: Gift Packs beat picture frames any day of the week

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Product Code: DORMCO-2012KIT7

Package Contains: Shower Caddy

Package Contains: Showe:

Package Contains: Shower Sandals

Package Contains: Bath Towel Set

Package Contains: Laundry Sheets

Package Contains: Laundry Sh:

Package Contains: Lint Remover

Package Contains: Laundry Accessory

Package Contains: Bath Accessory

Package Contains: Iron

Package Contains: Ironing Accessory

Package Contains: Ironing Board

Package Contains: Sewing Kit

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush Holder

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush H:

Package Contains: Wash Bag

Package Contains: Drying Rack

Package Contains: Static Remover

Package Contains: 6-Pack Washcloth Set

Package Contains: 6-Pack Washcloth:

Our Laundry & Bath - Premium Dorm Room Kit is a high school graduation gift set that will actually be used. These dorm essentials will come in handy for any high school graduate moving off to college.

Pack Includes:

Shower Caddy - Holds your bathroom toiletries
Supersoft 4 PC Towel Set -
Every student needs towels. Towels include wash, bath, hand towels.
Lint Brush -
Keeps your clothes from looking all linty and unappealing
Shower Sandals - Keeps your feet off the nasty dorm shower floor
WashEZE -
3-in-1 detergent, softener & dryer sheet. Can't get any easier for the college student.
Ironing Board and Laundry Bag Pack -
Mini-ironing board that can hang in your closet and can be used with ease in small spaces and a dorm laundry bag to keep your laundry concealed and make carrying it to the dorm laundry room easier!
Iron -
Every student (even the sloppiest) will need to and want to iron at some point.
Soap holder - Prevents your soap from getting everything yucked up
Toothbrush holder - Keeps your toothbrush clean and away from germs
Bleach Tablets -
Ensures you'll be ready to save your favorite shirt from a ruining stain
Ironing Blanket -
Gives your hot iron a place to rest to ensure you don't burn down your dorm
Sewing Kit -
Provides the perfect in a pinch ability to sew a button or hole while away at college
Mesh Wash Bags -
Use these to hold your delicate clothes in the washer to prevent tangles
Drying Rack -
Mildew resistant drying rack to give your delicate clothes a place to dry
Magic Static Remover - Keeps clothes static free all day!

6-Pack Wash Cloths - You'll always need extra wash cloths... always!
Towel Holder (Over-the-Door) - Keeps your towels up and able to dry after a shower

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