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Cushion-Relax Shower Sandals - Black/Blue Reggae
Stay Safe & Germ Free While Showering - Cushion-Relax Shower Sandals - Black/Blue Reggae

Cushion-Relax Shower Sandals - Black/Blue Reggae

Top Features include:
  • Keep your feet off the nasty community shower floor
  • Comfortable Fitting / Athlete Foot Preventing
  • Keep in your dorm shower caddy
  • Soft Cushion Sole - No Slip - Added Reggae inspired design

Retail Price $14.99
Student Discount Price $9.74
You Save: $5.25
Dorm Co. Tip: Never trust that the dorm shower floor is clean

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: R3-2-3-3002BLUBLA


When you think of dorm showers’ hard tile floors and walls, comfort isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind and neither is cleanliness. Those communal shower floors have constant puddles of gray, soapy water from being used by other students all throughout the day. Even if you’re not a biology major, wet and humid surfaces provide ideal conditions for nasty germs! Fortunately you can add some comfort and cleanliness to your daily shower routine with the right pair of dorm shower sandals. With our Cushion-Relax Shower Sandals - Black/Blue Reggae, you’ll have the added comfort of a soft cushion sole. Why not give your feet a comfortable shower flip flop to stand in each morning?Those shower tiles aren’t getting any softer last time we checked.

These shower sandals will become one of your most-used dorm items, so it’s worth buying a pair that is comfy. After all, basically any dorm shower shoe will keep those feet off of that rather gross tile floor, but these Cushion-Relax Shower Sandals have that extra layer of comfort to help make sure that nasty floor is the last thing on your mind while you shower. Just don’t ever find yourself caught without a pair of shower shoes for college. You just might grow a sixth toe if you step on that floor barefoot! Well, probably not, but it’s not worth coming in contact with millions of mystery germs. Equip your dorm supplies accordingly.

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