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Clothes & Go - College Packing Solution
Clothes & Go - College Packing Solution High School Grad Gift Idea


Clothes & Go - College Packing Solution

Top Features include:

  • Most efficient solution to packing up for your college dorm
  • Moves clothes while keeping them on hangers
  • Easier & Faster than boxes
  • A Must-Have Dorm Product for any student going back & forth from college to home
**Check our our Video below on how Clothes & Go can be the college packing solution that de-stresses**
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Retail Price $24.99
Student Discount Price $19.99
You Save: $5.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Reduce your work by packing smart

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: G1-2-5-288020

Place, Tie Clothes & Go!

The most cost effective and easy way to pack for college. Every student will have to pack up for college move in day, pack up to come home for holidays, pack back up to return to college and then pack up again to return home for the summer. We are tired just talking about all the packing and unpacking you'll have to do! Conventionally you might pack up your clothes in a box or an extra suitcase, but the time it takes to take clothes off the hanger and replace them on the hanger upon your arrival to college is a pain. Besides being a pain it is not efficient use of space or money on wasted boxes. The solution is our latest dorm product, known as the Clothes & Go!

Our Clothes & Go removes all the hassle and wasted time spent packing up your clothes for college. Simply take your clothes (while still on their hanger) out of the closet and lay them in the Clothes & Go. Next, tie the top hanger portion to ensure the clothes on hangers stay in place, then close it up and you are ready to go! Clothes & Go is a must have dorm room packing supply item. Making move in day stress free and having a reusable packing solution for all those times you need to pack up your closet or at least bring home your clothes is a must.

Gift Idea:
Clothes & Go is great to monogram. Purchase our Clothes & Go - College Packing Solution as a high school graduation gift and as a graduation gift idea have it monogrammed at a local shop in your hometown. This is a high school grad gift that will be surely used... unlike those High School Graduate picture frames!
Clothes & Go can be all the therapy you need for college preparation!

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