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Clothes Drying Rack - Over the Door
Clothes Drying Rack - Over the Door College Supplies


Clothes Drying Rack - Over the Door

Top Features include:
  • 4 Drying rods to maximize hanging
  • Ideal to hang over radiators, windows, and doors (cupboards, closet, dorm room doors) to dry clothes
  • Expandable hooks fit thick dorm doors
  • Must have dorm product

Retail Price $20.98
Student Discount Price $17.83
You Save: $3.15
Dorm Co. Tip: Wet towels need a spot to air dry -Over Door Hooks

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: CDR-OTD-81410-4

Doing laundry in college is a unique struggle. If your dorm has a laundry room in the basement, there may be 10 or less for both washing and drying machines. When you hear that, it may sound like a lot until you think about it- there are hundreds of other college students living in the same college dorm as you and trying to do laundry. That may mean that you're taking your laundry down to the dorm laundry room and finding that either all of the washer and dryers are taken, or all of the dryers are taken but there some free washers.

When you see that there are some washers free but the dryers are taken, you may get excited and think that by the time your clothes are done washing, you will have a free dryer. It isn't necessarily like that, however. The other college students with clothes in those dryers may have forgotten about them or they went to take their clothes out of the dorm dryer and found they were still damp. A dorm essential that should be on your college dorm checklist is an Over The Door Clothes Drying Rack. With a clothes drying rack, you will still be able to do laundry and not have to worry about struggling for a dorm dryer. Plus if you're one of those college students that found your clothes were still damp even after an hour in the dryer, you can simply take your damp clothes up to your dorm room to dry on your Over The Door Clothes Drying Rack. Our Over The Door Clothes Drying Rack is compact, which is what you need for your dorm essentials. Compact items can be easily stored in your dorm room and this Clothes Drying Rack is thin enough to stick between your dorm desk or dorm dresser and the wall, under your bed, anywhere you have a little extra space! Plus since it is thin enough to stick between dorm items for storage, you won't have to worry about it detracting from your dorm room decor!

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