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Bongo Ties (10 Pack)
Useful Dorm Supply - Bongo Ties (10 Pack) - Keeps Wires Neat And Untangled


Bongo Ties (10 Pack)

Top Features include:
  • Includes 10 Bongo Ties
  • Smart, Efficient way to keep your cords wrapped and tangle free
  • Must-have for keeping your dorm organized and clutter free
  • Stretchable, Flexible, Easy to Use & Reusable
Retail Price $6.99
Student Discount Price $5.49
You Save: $1.50
Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm things demand the little necessities

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: E1-4-1-BT10PK

Your electronics for college will be both varied and numerous. From your laptop for college, to your tablet, to your mp3 player and cell phone, all those electronics will take cords to charge. At the foot of your dorm desk, or maybe even forgotten behind it, will be your power strip for college. Jutting out from that cheap power strip will be a variety of wires and chargers. After a few weeks, the whole thing will probably look like one big, tangled mess that will take at least half an hour just to unwind and sort out. Plus, your Internet cable might also be tied in the mix. The whole thing can be quite a mess.

Our Bongo Ties offer a very simple and cheap solution. These simple rubber-band ties will allow you to take a bundle of your power cords and various wires and keep them all wrapped in these ties. You'll have one single thick cord of cables as opposed to a bunch of smaller cables all wrapped around each other in a tangled ball. Sure, these rubber-band ties are simple college products, but they're still plenty useful and they're such cheap dorm stuff that they should just be added in with your college supplies.

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