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Ballpoint Pens - Set of 12 - Orange (Black Ink)
Ballpoint Pens - Set of 12 - Orange (Black Ink) Dorm Essentials College Supplies


Ballpoint Pens - Set of 12 - Orange (Black Ink)

Top Features include:
  • Add some fun to your note taking
  • Medium Tip - 1mm
  • Black Ink
  • You're going to be taking a lot of notes - keep plenty of these dorm essentials on hand!
Student Discount Price $11.99
Dorm Co. Tip: You're in college to study - make sure you have the desk supplies to make studying more efficient

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

You don't want to be stuck in class without a pen. Forget a pen and you're stuck either asking everyone including the professor if they have an extra pen or you'll sit there not taking notes and missing out on a lot of material. You don't want to make either kind of impression on your college professor, so make sure you're prepared with our Orange Ballpoint Pens. Our Orange Ballpoint Pens come in a set of 12 so you can make sure you have a couple in your college backpack and plenty more in your pen cup in your dorm room.

Our Orange
Ballpoint Pens have a snazzy clip so you can attach this pen to your binder or use it as a bookmark in your college textbook and make sure you never go to class without a pen! Along with that snazzy clip, these college supplies also have a bright orange color to ensure that it catches your eye on your way out of your dorm door. These dorm necessities are the ones you want to make sure you are well stocked of in college, so keep plenty in your college backpack so you don't have to ask your professor for an extra pen. Pens aren't the most fun dorm essentials item to buy, but they can be a little more fun with our Orange Ballpoint Pens!

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