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Bar Soap - Unscented - Soap With A Cause!
Bar Soap - Unscented - Soap With A Cause! Dorm Essentials


Bar Soap - Unscented - Soap With A Cause!

Top Features include:
  • Every bar sold contributes one soap bar to a less fortunate country or area
  • Stay clean in college with premium soap!
  • 4 oz. bar. All natural ingredients. Made in the USA.
  • Pure, fresh soap made with sea salt, shea butter, and natural oils

**Check out our video below to see how these soap products can benefit you and someone else! Made from natural ingredients, you can stay clean in college while helping someone less fortunate.**

Retail Price $7.03
Student Discount Price $4.99
You Save: $2.04
Dorm Co. Tip: Feel good inside and out!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SB-UNSNSP

Showering in college will be a daily task, ideally. So since it's such a common activity, the least you can do is make sure you're using proper soap for college. Cheap soap can be, well, not the best for your skin, and you don't want to leave the shower feeling itchy! So let the natural ingredients of our Bar Soap - Unscented - Soap With A Cause! help keep you clean and feeling good. It's smart to add some nice soap to your college bathroom supplies, as how many of your dorm supplies can you say are all natural? With its shea butter and sea salt, it will naturally clean your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

Aside from feeling clean, our natural soap has a great second benefit: helping the world! Indeed, this simple dorm item can go a long way toward helping those less fortunate. With each bar sold, soap provisions are donated to a less fortunate country or less fortunate area. All you have to do is buy and use this college supply, and you'll help bring a needed good to those in need. It's nice to be able to help out others while you're college shopping. So as we say with our great soaps, they will leave you feeling good inside and out!

* Ingredient benefits: Shea Butter = Moisturizing, Sea Salt = Mineral Replacing, Ground Oatmeal = Exfoliating

Brand: SoapBox Soap (Soap = Hope)

More info at:
Clean up and donate! For every soap product purchased, one will be donated! Watch this fun video to see how you can help while keeping clean in college!

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