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Bar Soap - Spearmint - Soap With A Cause!
Bar Soap - Spearmint - Soap With A Cause! Cheap Dorm Supplies Must Have Dorm Items


Bar Soap - Spearmint - Soap With A Cause!

Top Features include:
  • Every bar sold contributes one soap bar to a less fortunate country or area
  • Stay clean in college with premium soap!
  • 4 oz. bar. All natural ingredients. Made in the USA.
  • Natural spearmint oil emits fresh mint scent and clean feel!

**Check out our video below to see how these soap products can benefit you and someone else! Made from natural ingredients, you can stay clean in college while helping someone less fortunate.**

Retail Price $7.03
Student Discount Price $4.99
You Save: $2.04
Dorm Co. Tip: Feel good inside and out!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SB-OSPRSP

There's little doubt that you will enjoy the fresh scent of spearmint every time you shower while in college. By including this bar soap for college students, you'll smell great thanks to its irresistible spearmint aroma. Yet, as you might have already realized while dorm shopping, dorm supplies that have multiple functions are truly the best college items. In that regard, this Bar Soap - Spearmint - Soap With A Cause! will do much more good than your everyday, cheap bar of soap; it's a college bathroom supply that's a must-have item for your college shopping list.

With its all natural ingredients, this soap cleans your skin without added chemicals. It's also made from environmentally friendly and sustainable, natural ingredients. But best of all, just by buying this soap and including it with your dorm stuff, for each bar sold, a bar will be donated to a less fortunate country or area. While soap is a basic college supply, it's an item that can help the less fortunate keep clean and therefore be healthier. Through the efforts of SoapBox Soap, your simple item for college can help have a big impact on the world. So buy this dorm soap, feel good, and do good all at the same time!

* Ingredient benefits: Shea Butter = Moisturizing, Sea Salt = Mineral Replacing, Ground Oatmeal = Exfoliating

Brand: SoapBox Soap (Soap = Hope)

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Clean up and donate! For every soap product purchased, one will be donated! Watch this fun video to see how you can help while keeping clean in college!

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