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The Coma Inducer - Memory Foam Bean Bag - Aruba
The Coma Inducer - Memory Foam Bean Bag - Aruba Dorm Essentials Soft Dorm Seating


The Coma Inducer - Memory Foam Bean Bag - Aruba

Top Features include:

  • Soft, plush coral fleece exterior
  • Memory foam fill provides sink-in cushioning that's also firm enough to provide support
  • Quality stitching
  • Ships compact in box that's just over 2' x 2' and 16" high - fit it in your car trunk!
It's Back!! The Coma Inducer - Memory Foam Bean Bag was one of DormCo's fastest dorm products to sell out last year! This year we have Aruba and Walnut colors and expect then to both sell out just as fast! Cozy Comfort is what our Coma Inducer Bean Bag, TXL Sheets, Extra Long Twin Comforters and XL Blankets are all about.
Retail Price $199.98
Student Discount Price $124.99
You Save: $74.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Seating is always a better option than the floor
Dimensions: 3.25 FT Diameter

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

You're going to be in college classes for many hours each day. During that class you're going to be shifting every couple minutes to try to get comfortable. As you progress through your day, it's going to get worse and you're going to be very fidgety because you will want to be in more comfortable college chairs. When you come back to your college dorm room, what do you think you're going to be doing? You're going to be studying. And you're going to be doing that studying at your college dorm desk. And that's in another uncomfortable dorm chair. You may feel like you won't have any relief from uncomfortable college furniture, but you will with our Coma Inducer Memory Foam Bean Bag in Aruba.

Your college dorm room is going to come with a few seating options - your dorm desk chair, your dorm bed, and the floor. You're going to want more comfortable dorm room seating options for you and your friends. You don't want to sit in your dorm bed all day because it may be hard to fall asleep at night so you will want some soft dorm seating in your college dorm room. Our Coma Inducer Memory Foam Bean Bag in Aruba is incredibly comfortable. The outer material has the same great super soft coral fleece plush feel of our Coma Inducer Twin XL College Comforter and has a Memory Foam fill. As you know Memory Foam is going to provide you with sink in soft cushioning that is going to provide incredible support for your back when you're relaxing or studying. Don't settle for a hard dorm desk chair when you want to relax. With dorm essentials like our
Coma Inducer Memory Foam Bean Bag in Aruba as part of your college supplies, you will be more comfortable and you will be adding to your dorm room decor with a bright Aruba blue color!

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