Ready to start a Dorm Co GIFT REGISTRY? 

Starting a gift registry with Dorm Co for your high school graduation party or off to college party could not be easier! 
There is no pre-signup or long process to complete.  In fact, you actually begin by finding the first dorm product that you want added to your registry.  Once you see that item just click the  Add to Wishlist  Button. 

Once you click Add to Wishlist you'll see a pop-up that asks you to sign in or  
Get STARTED and HAPPY SHOPPING with 3 easy steps:
  1. Find the Dorm Co products you like and Add to Registry
  2. Create your new account or sign in 
    1. Tip: Label your new registry 'College Dorm Registry' or 'High School Graduation'
  3. Notify friends and family about your gift registry

Looking to shop for an already created GIFT REGISTRY?

To begin shopping off of a Dorm Co Gift Registry simply click our "Look-Up" Button below.  You will be directed to our Gift Registry partner Wish Pot where all Dorm Co created Gift Registries are stored.  Once you locate the Gift Registry you want to shop for, begin by looking through the products on the Registry.  If you find something you like just click BUY IT.   
It's that easy! 

Dorm Co has teamed up with Wish Pot.      
With Wish Pot you are provided with an easy to use Gift Registry, which not only allows you to add Dorm Co items to your College Gift Registry, but it also allows you to add products from other websites to your registry too!  Although we here at Dorm Co like to think we have all the college stuff you need, we know that you may want to get those new shoes or that Laptop for college too.  With the Dorm Co Gift Registry & Wish Pot connection, you can quickly and easily add products to your registry and alert friends/family of the college essentials you need.  Unlike our standard Wish List, a Gift Registry through Dorm Co (via Wish Pot) allows items to be purchased and marked as purchased so you don't receive any duplicate products.

Idea:   Put your Dorm Co Gift Registry info on your High School Graduation Invitations.  This ensures you get what you need and it takes the pressure off your party guests to try and guess what you want! 
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