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Adjustable USB Cooling Fan
Can Be Used With Your Computer - Adjustable USB Cooling Fan - Great For Hot Weather

Adjustable USB Cooling Fan

Top Features include:
  • Plugs into your USB for a cool fan on the go or at your dorm desk
  • No external power source needed - plug & play
  • Soft fan blade for durability and injury free
  • Makes your dorm a comfortable place - Can adjust up or down
Retail Price $19.50
Student Discount Price $13.19
You Save: $6.31
Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm need air circulation - fans are a must buy
Dimensions: 5.9"H x 3.8"D x 5.8"L

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TOP-BINS-16-01174

During those warmer months, fans are college essentials. Consider yourself lucky if you have air conditioning in your dorm room! Actually, even if you do, you might still need a fan, as dorm room fans can cool you down quicker than air conditioning alone. Small desk fans are ideal for college dorms, as space is always of concern when you're living in a dorm. Since your computer for college will be on your dorm desk, you might as well put it to work! Instead of looking for an outlet, you can plug this Adjustable USB Cooling Fan right into your computer's USB port for power. This feature also means you won't have to be worried about the power cord not being long enough to reach your desk.

By adjusting the angle of this fan, you can cool down as quickly as possible. Dorm rooms tend to really get hot since they're already so small and stuffy to begin with. Fortunately, if you include a small fan for your dorm room, you'll be all set to combat even the hottest days. There will still be enough space on that dorm desk for all your other school and college supplies, too, since this little fan won't take up much room. If the best dorm room supplies are all about making dorm living more comfortable, you'll never be comfortable if you're stuck in a sweaty haze all the time. Don't let that happen. Add a fan to your college supplies checklist and you'll stay cool.

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