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Simply put, Dorm Co is your one stop shop for everything COLLEGE DORM.  Dorm Co offers the widest selection of essentials for your college dorm at the lowest prices.  Just because college tuition and textbooks cost an arm and a leg, it doesn't mean that your dorm supplies should too.  Dorm Co understands all it takes to prepare for heading off to college, leaving mom & dad and arriving on an exciting, yet unknown college campus.  Everything for setting up your dorm room should be a fun and enjoyable process.  By shopping at Dorm Co you can be confident that you have everything you need for college life and at prices that will make you brag to your friends. 

So why shop at Dorm Co?

Instead of just answering with a Why Not?! ... we thought a top 10 list could be more fun.

1) SAVE TIME:  Dorm Co carries everything you need! To get everything you need from other retailers you might have to shop at three or four stores. 

2) SAVE MONEY:  Dorm Co offers everyday low prices, including our current $2.95 shipping on your entire order!  Don't be fooled by other retailers that mark their prices up only to try and give you a 20% off coupon... chances are their prices are STILL HIGHER.

3) CONFIDENCE:  Did you know that the majority of online stores that sell dorm products are run by fly by night companies?  Dorm Co provides this confidence by inventorying every product you see available online.  This provides Dorm Co with a control and a service level second to none.

4) SELECTION:  It is not enough that Dorm Co just offers one or two items in each dorm supply category.  In every essential dorm supply category, Dorm Co offers a wide selection.  Go to a major retailer and your dorm room may look the same and generic as everyone else.  By offering selection, Dorm Co allows you and your dorm room to be unique to your style.

5) EXCLUSIVE:  Not only does Dorm Co offer a wide variety of selection, we also offer you products that you won't find anywhere else.  Many Dorm Co products are our own branded dorm supplies created exclusively for college dorm life. 

6) SERVICE:  Have you ever e-mailed an online company and wondered if you would get a reply?  We all have! You can be confident that Dorm Co's #1 pet peeve is poor customer service.  Every email or every VM gets a response.  No matter the thought, question or concern Dorm Co RESPONDS.... and not just responds, but you can set a watch to us that it will never exceed 24 hours. 

7) KNOWLEDGE:  Dorm Co doesn't just retail dorm supplies, we KNOW dorm supplies.  Ask us a question or talk to us about your dorm room and our knowledge will be sure to impress.  It is not enough to offer a great selection, it is our Dorm Co mission to know why every item available is important for your college dorm room.

8) SHIPPING:  We already mentioned our current $2.95 flat rate per order shipping, but Dorm Co also offers express shipping too.  Every order leaves the Dorm Co warehouse within 1 business day.  This means depending upon where you live you'll get your order within 2-5 business days.  However, if you need it faster you can upgrade your shipping to 2-Day or to Overnight!  Online retailers who do not inventory the products they offer cannot offer you this same shipping speed that Dorm Co can!!

9) CLEAN:  What we mean by 'clean' is that although Dorm Co knows that college should be fun, you won't find any beer bongs here!  Dorm Co stands for making your dorm room as comfortable and useful as possible.  If you are looking for a party room you'll need to shop elsewhere.  If we lose 'cool points' we don't care, partying has its place, but your shot at future success starts with college and must focus on school work and dorm comfort.  The #1 and #2 reason why students drop out or barely skate by in college is over-partying (under-studying) and feeling homesick.  Dorm Co won't add to the over-partying by selling party supplies, but we will try to help combat homesickness.  One way to combat homesickness is to have a dorm room set-up that feels like home.  A room with the essentials and comfort that makes your college room a place you look forward to crashing after a long day of classes.  Dorm Co has your dorm essentials covered!

10) PEOPLE:  By shopping at Dorm Co you are shopping with people.  We are not some crazy-big conglomerate that doesn't care.  Dorm Co actually cares about your first child going to college or if you are a student we care if your roommate stinks.  Whether you call or email if we can offer products that help, find college answers for you or just be a listening ear, we not only can do it, we look forward to it.  Let Dorm Co help make your college dorm experience everything that it should be!

Any questions? 
Talk to us at anytime! 

Your Dorm Co Team