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100% Complete - Bedding & Essentials Package
100% Complete - Bedding & Essentials Package


100% Complete - Bedding & Essentials Package

Top Features include:
  • 82 Piece Dorm Bedding Package
  • Gets your dorm bed the absolute best it can be - Pure Comfort
  • Includes: Twin XL Sized Topper, Mattress Pad, 3PC Sheet Sets, Twin XL Comforter, Underbed Storage, Encasement, Pillow, Bedding Accessory, Blanket, 2nd Set of 3PC Sheet Set, Trunk, Clip Light, Clip Fan, 2nd Pillow, Pillow Cases (2), Pillow Case Encasements (2), Eye Mask, Shower Caddy, Glue Dots, Silverware Set, Silverware Caddy, and Rapid Cooker.
  • All sizes Twin Long to fit Dorm Twin XL Beds

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Choose Your TXL Comforter

Choose Your TXL Sheets (2 Sets)

Choose Your TXL Topper

Choose Your Pillows (2 units)

Choose Your TXL Blanket

Choose Your TXL Mattress Pad

Choose Your Mattress Encasement

Choose Your Bath Towel Set

Choose Your Wash Cloth Set

Package Contains: Washcloth/Loofah

Add Matching Hand Towel(s)?

Choose Your Underbed Storage

Choose Bed Risers or Shower Sandals

Choose Your Bedding Accessory

Choose Your Hamper / Laundry Bag

Choose Your Trunk

Choose Your Extra Pillowcase

Choose Your Pillow Encasement

Choose Your Clip Light

Choose Your Extension Cord

Choose Your Hangers

Choose Your Room Scent

Package Contains: Eating Set

Package Contains: Fan

Choose Your Toiletry Accessories

Package Contains: Eye Mask

Package Contains: Rapid Cooker

Choose Your Caddy / Shower Tote Set.

Choose Your Caddy / Shower Tote Set:
Package Contains: Glue Dots

Package Contains: Silverware Set

Package Contains: Silverware Caddy


Description Technical Specs
What doesn't this kit for college include? If you choose this 100% Complete dorm bedding supplies kit, you'll have the good part of your college shopping taken care of with one purchase. For starters, there are all the basics needed to make your college bedding superbly comfortable. Choose your xl twin sheets and comforter for college to make sure you'll be covered in comfort. This kit conveniently includes two sets of dorm room sheets, so you'll have another pair for when you don't feel like doing laundry.

The bed topper for college and mattress pad will turn that dorm bed from lumpy and hard to soft and downright cushion-y. They're true college bedding essentials for getting the best sleep you can while in college. And as for pillows, this kit includes two pillows to complete your bedding for college and even has two pillow cases and encasements. An extra blanket never fails to be useful on colder nights, and if you're wondering how you'll transport all these college supplies, you'll be surprised how much you can fit in a good dorm trunk, which is also included in this kit.

Finally, there are some dorm items that will help make your dorm bed a better hangout and even study zone. A clip light sure comes in handy when you're studying, and a fan is a must have dorm supply for those hot days! Dorm rooms are small, so they can heat up pretty quick! And if your roommate proves not to be the most compatible person, the eye mask and earphones will really come in handy when the roommate's still up at 3 a.m. Or, if you're lucky enough to not start class till noon, an eye mask and earplugs are needed to guarantee that you'll sleep in!

Bedding Package includes:
  • Comforter - All comfortable dorm beds start with a cozy soft to the touch comforter and all comforters are of high quality, from our Supersoft Microfiber and 300 TC or 400 TC Cotton to our EXCLUSIVE Jersey Knit Cotton & Plush Comforters, you cannot go wrong with whatever comforter you select. (All sized 90"L for Twin XL dorm beds... no 86" comforters here!) Tough Decision?: Each Comforter image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Microfiber: You can choose between solid color or reversible for this dorm essential. With the reversible college comforter, you're going to have a solid color on each side for versatility. These comforters for college are incredibly comfortable and have an end to end box construction which means the inner fill won't shift around on you.
    • 100% Cotton: Whether you choose to have 300 TC cotton or 400 TC cotton that is a little softer, you're going to get the silky soft natural feel of cotton with all the benefits of cotton. Cotton is ideal for allergies and sensitive skin as it is a natural fabric that won't irritate skin.
    • Coma Inducer: For the warmest, plushest Twin XL College Comforter you can have, you've come to the right place. Our Coma Inducer Extra Long Twin Comforter for College is a ridiculously comfortable TXL College Comforter that you will love to curl up in after a long day of classes.
    • Designer: Want comfort and style? Look no further than our designer Twin XL Comforters for College! These college comforters all have fun, pretty designs that will turn your dorm bed into part of your dorm room decorations while still offering you the superior comfort you want and need.
  • 3PC Sheet Set (2 sets) - Every college student needs sheets. With this package you get two sets of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillow case. Opt for our supersoft microfiber or upgrade to cotton or jersey knit. All are sized for Twin Extra Long Bedding and are guaranteed to fit! Best of all, each option is actually very nice quality, we don't offer cheap or rough-feeling dorm sheets! Tough Decision?: Each Sheet Set image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Microfiber Supersoft: Softer than cotton and in the same great colors as our reversible Twin XL College Comforters, these super soft Microfiber sheets will add fun color and a lot of comfort to your college dorm bedding.
    • Microfiber Ultrasoft: These dorm sheets are going to feel comparable to 500 TC cotton sheets. They are just that amazingly soft.
    • Flannel: For warmth and soft comfort in one dorm sheet, you've come to the right place with our Flannel Twin XL Dorm Sheets. Made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, these Flannel Twin XL Sheets will feel wonderful on cool nights after a long day.
    • Jersey Knit: These dorm sheets will feel like you're sleeping in your favorite T-Shirt every night. They are made of 100% cotton and are designed to be like T-Shirt material for extra relaxing comfort.
    • 100% Cotton: With our 100% Cotton options, you can choose between 300 TC and 400 TC for silky soft comfort that draws heat away from your body.
    • Coma Inducer: Looking for insanely soft, warm, plush dorm sheets? Our Coma Inducer dorm sheets are extremely plush and offer incredible warmth! Keep your dorm alarm clock away from your bed because you'll need something to force yourself out of your comfy dorm bed!
  • Bed Topper - The dorm bed your college gives you should be a crime, not only is it flimsy it is uncomfortable too! Our Toppers range from your basic foam egg crate to our ultra thick and plush featherbeds and memory foam toppers. Choose the quality that fits your need and budget. Tough Decision?: Each Topper image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Egg Crate: You can choose either our Basic Egg Crate or our extra thick 4 inch Egg Crate, which are both zoned for weight dispersion for your comfort and support.
    • Memory Foam: You'll have your choice of 1", 2", 3", and 4"memory foam toppers with high quality densities. Memory Foam Twin XL Bed Toppers are great options for sink in soft comfort and will make your dorm bed feel amazing.
    • Gel Infused Memory Foam: Combine the egg crate and memory foam options, and add Liquid Gel to them and you'll get our Gel Infused Memory Foam.Made of memory foam, zoned for weight dispersion, and infused with liquid gel to enhance your support and comfort level, you can rest assured you will have a quality night's sleep night after night.
    • Baffle Box Featherbed: For a thick layer of feather cushioning that will feel like you're sleeping on a pillow, choose this option. This Twin XL Bed Topper has a baffle box construction that will prevent the inner fill from shifting around.
    • Down Top Featherbed: The Top section of our Down Top Featherbed is filled with down for comfort and softness while the bottom section has a down and feather blend for support and firmness and has the baffle box construction of our other featherbed option to keep the inner fill consistently comfortable.
  • Pillow - Where you lay your head is important and for that reason our Dorm Packages let you select the pillow that best suits your need. Go basic and save or upgrade and sleep in luxury! Tough Decision?: Each Pillow image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Basic: Our basic college pillow is made with super soft Microfiber for extra soft comfort. You want a quality pillow for college that will offer plenty of head and neck support, and you have found it with our Microfiber Basic College Pillow.
    • Jumbo: Asthma and allergy sufferers, this is the college pillow for you! This Jumbo college pillow has allergen barrier Protech that will filter known allergens. Plus this dorm pillow is oversized so you can also have the extreme head and neck support you want and need.
    • Standard: Maybe you just want to pile up a couple of standard college pillows underneath your head. This option is a basic, no frills college pillow that will give you head and neck support for a comfortable night's sleep.
    • Anti-Sweat ClimaDry: Always have the cool side of the pillow with this dorm pillow that is filled with Outlast Polyfill for reduced humidity.
    • Luxury Down Alternative: This is a top of the line dorm pillow. It is luxuriously soft and comfortable and made of 100% Sateen Cotton and has a 330 thread count and double stitching with piping.
  • Blanket - On those extra-cold nights, having an additional dorm bedding blanket is key to staying warm. Or, when you just want to nap, you probably don't want to crawl all the way under your covers for a 20-minute power nap. So, that's why a good blanket for college is crucial. Tough Decision?: Blanket image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: You'll be saying you're sooo comfy once you wrap up in our Me Sooo Comfy college blanket! It's made of super soft Coral Fleece and is designed for comfort. Curl up while watching a movie or studying with this incredibly soft dorm blanket!
    • Are You Kidding?: The name says it all. This college blanket is unbelievably soft and comfortable. With one side of coral fleece and one side of extra thick super plush fabric, it's like you have two amazing dorm blankets in one!
    • Wormhole Double Sided: You won't want to leave this college blanket. It's unbelievably soft and comfortable. It's not just a flat college blanket, it's circular and you will literally crawl into this dorm blanket. It will engulf you on all sides with comfort that you won't be able to believe. On the bottom is a hole for your feet in case you get too warm and along the sides are holes for your hands so you can reach for your phone or glass of water when you need to.
  • Mattress Pad - Get some added padding for your dorm bedding and most importantly fully cover the university dorm mattress that has been used for way too many years! You can choose from the basic, get the job done mattress pad, or upgrade to the cotton-top, waterproof or featherbed version. Tough Decision?: Each Mattress Pad image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Anchor Band: This mattress pad will provide an extra layer of softness for your college dorm bed and be a protective barrier between your dorm bedding and your college mattress. Available in either cotton or polyester, this mattress pad secures onto your dorm bed with elastic bands on each corner.
    • Fitted: With this Fitted Mattress Pad option, the mattress pad will secure onto your dorm bed on all sides and has a little extra cushioning for extra comfort. Available in either cotton or polyester so you can choose what fabric will suit you the best.
    • Extra Thick Fitted: This is our basic Fitted mattress pad that will secure the mattress pad to your dorm bed on all sides but it has extra thick cushioning to turn your dorm bed into an amazingly comfortable dorm bed.
    • Perma-Dry Waterproof: This 3 layer Twin XL Mattress Pad will protect your Twin XL Mattress and help prevent sweating in bed. You don't want to pay damage fines in college nor do you want to have an uncomfortable night's rest. This dorm essentials item will help prevent that.
    • 100% Cotton: You may have allergen or sensitive skin concerns and need all cotton fabrics. You've found the right option for what you need! This dorm mattress pad has a 100% cotton top and cotton fill so you have the softness your skin needs, the barrier for your dorm bedding, as well as the natural benefits of cotton.
    • Featherbed: You have a choice of either microfiber or cotton for the outer material of this mattress pad and the interior is made of goose/duck feathers for extra comfort and support. This is an incredibly comfortable Twin XL Mattress Pad that has a featherbed built into the mattress pad.
    • Athletic Performance: This Athletic Performance mattress pad has Celliant Fiber to increase oxygen levels for rapid muscle recovery which makes this mattress pad ideal for college athletes. It is clinically proven to reduce soreness, improve sleep, increase energy, and regulate body temperature. Want a cooler night's sleep? This mattress pad is made of 100% Cotton with 300 TC to naturally wick away moisture for a cooler night's sleep!
    • Clima-Dry: This mattress pad significantly reduces humidity for superior comfort throughout the night for a cooler night's sleep. It also filters allergens and provides the cushioned support you want in your dorm mattress pad.
  • Encasement - An XL Twin mattress encasement seals off that old, possibly stinky mattress from the rest of your dorm bedding. You don't want those college bedding supplies to pick up any scents, do you? Gross! Keep that mattress closed up. You can also opt for a bed bug-proof encasement, which will leave you safe rather than sorry should an unpleasant swarm of bed bugs move in. Tough Decision?: Each encasement image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Fitted Vinyl Mattress Cover: This Fitted Vinyl Mattress Cover is a standard dorm essential that will provide a basic barrier between your dorm mattress and dorm bedding. It is made to fit around the mattress like a fitted sheet and is made of vinyl.
    • Allergen Prevention (Cover and Encasement): This Twin XL Mattress Cover and encasement has a high quality construction and is made of polypropylene with a zippered enclosure. It will provide a barrier between your dorm mattress and your Twin XL dorm bedding, but this is also a dorm essential for allergy suffers as it prevents allergens from coming through the cover and disturbing your sleep!
    • Bed Bug Mattress Cover Encasing (Basic): This is a dorm essential for that dorm mattress that gets reused year after year. Your college may not have bed bugs, but this is one of those college supplies that you get for peace and of mind to be preventative right from the start. This college supplies product is bed bug entry and escape proof and is a zippered, vinyl encasement that is also waterproof.
    • Waterproof Fitted Mattress Cover: This is a pretty awesome dorm essential that will let you have a cooler night's rest. It has Re-Ax Fiber technology which reacts to your body while you are sleeping and regulates the temperature so you have a cool sleep surface. It also blocks dust mites and allergens and has Repel Tech which makes this mattress cover waterproof and will protect your college dorm bed. The Repel Tech prevents moisture from going through your dorm mattress, thus preserving your dorm mattress.
  • Choose Your Bath Towel - Available in a one, two, or three pack so you can have exactly what you need to start college out right. These dorm bath towels have a super soft, plush feel that will be gentle and comforting and with a ribbed construction, these dorm essentials have a decreased drying time whether on the dorm drying rack or in the dryer.
  • Choose Your Wash Cloths - Available in a two pack or six pack so you have what you need to start college out strong, these USA Cotton Washcloths have a super plush and soft touch that you need while washing the delicate skin on your face. The ribbed construction even allows for quicker drying time on your dorm drying rack or in the dorm dryer. Make sure you have a few of these dorm essentials in your dorm room storage for when you aren't able to wash your laundry right away. To view the wash cloths, click HERE.
  • Hand Towels (optional) - These dorm hand towels are only needed if you have your own sink and/or bathroom in your college dorm room. If you have your own sink and/or bathroom, you'll want to keep a couple of these dorm items handy to dry your hands after using the sink. Available in a one or two pack, these dorm items are made of USA Cotton in Canada and have a quicker drying time on the dorm drying rack or in the dryer due to the ribbed construction. To view the hand towels, click HERE.
  • 6-Pack Washcloths - White: This dorm essentials will give you a better start to your morning and night!
  • Underbed Storage - All that storage space under your dorm bed shouldn't go waste. Whether you're storing shoes, clothes, or other college supplies, our underbed storage containers keep your stuff for college organized and out of the way. Tough Decision?: Each underbed organizer image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Blanket Bag: Made of 600D for durability, this dorm essential can take tough college use and is built to last. There is a clear window on the side so you can see the clothes, college blankets, and other college supplies that you placed inside.
    • Under Bed Shoe Storage: Keep your shoes organized in this tough dorm essential that holds 12 pairs of shoes and is made of 600D for a built to last dorm organizer option. With an under bed storage option for your shoes, you don't have to take up valuable closet space and you don't have to have your shoes out in the open where they could detract from dorm room decor.
    • Under Bed Storage Box: If you want an extremely durable under bed storage option, you have found it. Made of 600D to withstand tough college use, this dorm essential has a lid and can hold extra clothes, college blankets, and more!
    • Storage Max: For the maximum amount of under bed storage you can get, look no further than our Storage Max. The Storage Max comes in three different wood veneer colors and has wheels for easy accessibility. This dorm room storage solution will hold an unbelievable amount of dorm essentials under your bed so you can have everything within arm's reach. Keep cooking supplies, boxes of food, and extra college blankets all in this dorm organizer!
  • Bedding Accessory - All dorm beds need an accessory to make it more function friendly. If you want to keep your items bedside on a shelf, choose our Bed Post Shelf. Lastly, if you want to keep your items bedside in pockets choose our Headside Caddy or Bedside Caddy. Remember if you are up high in a bunk or lofted bed, you especially won't be able to have a bedside table, so our bedding accessory pockets or shelves become a true necessity. Choose wisely :) Tough Decision?: Each Bedding Accessory image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Bunk Pockets: Bunk pockets safely attach around your dorm bed post to hold glasses, your phone, and even your remote within arm's reach so you don't have to get in and out of your dorm bed every time you need to change the channel on your TV or respond to a text message.
    • Bed Post Shelf: This dorm essential safely grips your dorm bed posts with no damage and acts like a dorm nightstand. If you don't have room for a college nightstand or are on the top bunk, this college supply will act like a dorm nightstand. It is a small tray with room for a writing utensil, an indented area to hold a glass of water, and an open tray space that is perfect for your dorm alarm clock, phone, and more.
    • Bedside Caddy: Made of 600D, this bedside storage organizer can withstand tough college use and is built to last. This dorm organizer has two small pockets and two large pockets as well as a tray and strap on the side to hold a drink. You will have plenty of extra dorm room storage for dorm items that you need to keep bedside like your glasses and phone without losing space for other dorm necessities.
    • Bedside Basket: Made in a durable black wire design to add to your dorm room decor and slips over your dorm bed frame so you can keep your dorm stuff at your fingertips.
    • Headside Caddy: This dorm essential works on the dorm headboard or bed rail and has five pockets, one of which has a slit in the side in case you need a box of tissues bedside. You don't want to get in and out of your dorm bed for dorm essentials like your glasses, remotes, college textbooks, and phone. Keep them all in this dorm necessity!
  • Bed Risers - Raising your dorm bed allows you to have extra dorm room storage space underneath your bed. Choose our Standard College Bed Risers to add 5" of height to your bed and dorm room storage space. Choose our Adjustable College Bed Risers to raise your bed 3", 5" or 8".
  • Laundry Bags - You can't go to college without them! You're going to need at least one dorm laundry bag to hold multiple loads of laundry. We offer a variety of options, from our pop up hamper to our triple sorter dorm hamper that will prevent your light and dark clothes from getting mixed to our super strong TUSK Laundry Bags and Strongest Laundry Bag EVER! Tough Decision?: Each Laundry Bag and Hamper image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE and HERE.
    • Super Jumbo Laundry Bag: Made of 600D, this beyond durable dorm laundry bag has the strength you need to carry all the laundry you will collect in this huge dorm laundry bag with drawstring closure.
    • Jumbo Mesh Laundry Bags: Every package includes 2 jumbo mesh laundry bags which allows you to sort your dirty clothes right from the start or so you can better distribute the weight between the two dorm laundry bags. Which is better- carrying one overly bulky dorm laundry bag or two? Two is always better- you don't want to hurt yourself on the way to your dorm laundry room!
    • Pop Up Hamper: Made of breathable micro mesh and with two handles stitched into the frame for portability, this hamper has a durable design that pops open when you need it and compresses flat for when you don't.
    • Triple Sorter: Prevent laundry woes right from the start. This dorm essential has three divided sections so you can sort whites, lighter colored clothes, and darks and avoid ending up with clothes that end up differently colored than they originally were.
    • Laundry Backpack: Want an extremely tough and durable dorm laundry bag? Go for our dorm laundry backpack! Made of 600D, this dorm laundry bag is specifically designed to withstand tough college use. Plus, this dorm laundry backpack holds multiple loads of laundry which is essential. There's also get a pocket in the front of this laundry backpack to hold dryer sheets, change, and anything else you need for washing laundry.
    • Strongest Laundry Bag EVER (Oversized): This oversized dorm laundry bag has easy carry handles and is made of super strong canvas mesh. This canvas mesh is also breathable which is ideal in a dorm laundry bag.
  • Trunk - A dorm trunk makes moving in and moving out of college much, much easier. College trunks are sturdier than suitcases, but they're useful for more than just transporting your college stuff. Use a trunk as a night stand or prop it up as a footrest or mini coffee table. Get creative! Tough Decision?: Each Trunk image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • FL-J: This FL-J dorm trunk is actually a suitcase trunk so you're going to get two great college supplies in one. It has the best of both worlds with the style and durability of a trunk while being approved by the TSA as checked in luggage. It also has two side locks and one center combination lock for dorm security.
    • Black & White Series: Available with either bottom drawers or side drawers in a Black & White fashion, this lidded storage compartment can keep all of your dorm supplies and essentials organized.
    • Collegiate: You have your choice for this dorm essential dorm trunk to come with or without wheels. The collegiate trunk has an easy open push button key lock. This dorm trunk has high quality wooden construction with heavy gauge vinyl and will be able to hold plenty of extra clothes, college textbooks, whatever you need extra dorm room storage for.
    • Bolt: These Bolt Dorm Trunks are extra roomy so you are going to be able to fit a lot of college supplies in it...clothes, coats, cooking name it. This trunk for college has wheels for easy transport and comes with a lock with two keys. Plus this dorm essential has a slow close hinged lid so you can keep the lid partially opened when you need to. The Bolt trunk also has a raw, not over-polished design for a classic dorm room decor style.
    • Sorority: Our Sorority dorm trunk has plenty of dorm room storage space for your college supplies and adds to dorm room decor. The Sorority Trunks have high trend style and design so you are going to have a great looking dorm room storage dorm item that adds to your dorm room decorations.
    • VIN Trunk: The VIN Trunk combines durability and style so you can add to your dorm room decor while storing your dorm essentials. Lightweight yet durable, this dorm necessity has a streamlined design and appearance.
    • The Iron Brick Trunk: This dorm necessities item is incredibly durable and rugged. With two wheels and a handle on each end, you can pack this dorm trunk up and it can take the normal day to day abuse from move in day and beyond.
  • Pillow cases (2 cases) - When you don't want to do wash (which will be all the time), having two extra pillowcases will allow you to keep your pillows clean. Just swap out that old case for a new one and you can delay laundry until your next trip home! Your sheet sets will include a pillowcase, but as we said, more pillowcases means less laundry!
    • Supersoft: Softer than cotton, this Microfiber college pillowcase is going to feel incredibly comfortable beneath your head. Plus with this option you will have plenty of extra college pillowcases so you can avoid doing laundry when you want a fresh pillowcase!
  • Clip Light - A clip light will make your dorm bedding a convenient study space as well. When your roommate's trying to sleep or you just need an extra light to help you read, our clip lights are the perfect dorm accessories.
    • Basic Clip Lamp: This dorm essential is a basic dorm lamp that clips where you need it and has a sturdy neck for the light to be angled where you need it to. Read in bed or study at your desk...this dorm lamp takes up very little dorm room storage space.
    • Essential College Clip Light: This college supplies product is pretty cool. It clips where you need it to which is cool on it's own because it's a dorm space saver, but it can also plug into either an electrical outlet or a USB port for power!
    • Aglow Clip Lamp: Choose what goes best with your dorm room decor - you'll have a lot of fun options to choose from with this dorm necessity! It can clip on the side of your desk or on your college textbook so you can have extra light for studying.
  • Extension Cord - Your electrical outlets may not be where you need them. You don't have to rearrange your whole room to use one outlet, simply add an outlet multiplier/extension cord to your dorm room!
    • 3-Outlet Indoor Extension Cord: With a 6 foot cord, you'll be able to better organize your college dorm room instead of placing your electronics directly where the outlets are.
    • Grounded Extension Cord - 3 Outlets: This dorm essentials item has grounded outlets to protect your dorm electronics and a 1.5 foot cord.
    • Surge Kit - 3 Piece Power Pack: This dorm essentials pack has a little of everything you need - a 2.5 Foot 6-Outlet Surge Suppressor strip, 5 Foot 3-Outlet Extension Cord, and nightlight with 3-outlet tap.
    • All in One Power Strip Value Pack: This dorm necessities pack has what you need to arrange your dorm room how you want to while protecting your dorm electronics. Includes a 2.5 Ft. 6 Outlet Power Strip with Grounded Outlets, 5 Foot 3-Outlet Extension Cord, and 3-Way Wall Adapter that converts one outlet into three grounded outlets.
  • College Caddy - Every package comes with one white college caddy to make carrying your shower dorm essentials easier. You don't want your bottles to touch the floor and you also don't want to try to gather up all of the large bottles in your arms because they can easily fall on your feet. With our college caddy, you will have all the shower dorm essentials in one convenient spot.
  • Toiletry Set - Every package includes a toiletry set with travel bottles and toothbrush and soap holder to make trekking to the dorm bathroom easier.
    • Toothbrush/Soap Holder Plus 3 Pack of Soap - Since you can't leave your essentials in the dorm bathroom, you need to protect them. This set includes a toothbrush and soap holder to keep those essentials contained and even a 3-pack of soap!
  • Eye mask - Sometimes you can't create the ideal sleeping situations in college between roommates making noise and trying to sleep in on sunny mornings. Well, here's your solution!
  • Fan - Our dorm fan is a clip only fan that you can keep right by your bed to help you get to sleep more easily on those warmer nights. The gentle, breezy sound of a fan can also put you to sleep more easily as well!
  • Hangers - You're not going to want to fold all of your clothes into your dorm dresser. This package of hangers will allow you to keep more delicate items such as dress clothes hung up in your college closet and wrinkle free.
  • Room Scent - Unfortunately, your dorm room may smell. It could be because of dirty laundry, sports equipment, or the leftover scent of Ramen noodles that never seems to go away. Trust us- it never seems to go away! Cover up that lingering Ramen Scent by keeping a Room Scent handy!
    • Dorm Room Scent: Give this dorm necessities item a spritz whenever you need to have your dorm room smelling great again.
    • Stop The Stink Sponge: This dorm essentials item will absorb and cover bad smells in your dorm room, whether it's dirty laundry or Ramen. Simply place it near the area you need to smell better.
  • Glue Dots - Your Residence Hall will probably not let you put holes in the wall. Sure, you can say you'll do it anyway but then you will get charged at the end of the year which means that was a very expensive college poster or framed photo that you nailed into your wall. Avoid costly end of the year charges with Glue Dots to easily hang up your college posters and photos!
  • Eating Set - Every Package comes with a plate/cup/bowl set for when you can't eat in the cafe because your schedule won't allow it. Or because your college cafe food isn't the greatest. We hope your college food is good, but either way there's going to be times you're eating in your college dorm room. Be prepared with extra plates on hand!
    • 13 Piece Set: Includes 4 tumblers, 4 plates, 4 small bowls, and one serving bowl.
    • 21 Piece Set: Includes 4 tumblers, 4 plates, 4 small bowls, 1 serving bowl, 4 mugs, and 4 mug lids.
  • Silverware Set (Colors Ship Assorted) - Every package has a 16 piece silverware set that includes forks, knives and spoons. Eating Ramen or Soup in your dorm room is going to be pretty hard without a set of silverware. Be prepared and have extra on hand with this 16 piece silverware set!
  • Silverware Caddy - Every package includes a silverware caddy with divided sections so you can keep your silverware organized and separated in this compact dorm storage solution.
  • Rapid Cooker - With your Rapid Cooker, you'll be able to make filling, quick, and cheap meals right in your dorm room and be able to cut down on dishes because you can eat right out of this!
      • Dueling Cooker: Can't decide between Ramen noodle flavors and you're extra hungry? Making dinner for yourself and a friend? Cook two packages of Ramen or Mac and Cheese at the same time with the Dueling Cooker which has a divider in the center to keep food separated!
      • Rapid Ramen Cooker: Cook a packet of Ramen in under 4 minutes without messing with pots or boiling water! Plus, you can eat right out of this BPA-Free bowl, saving you from washing even more dishes in the dorm common room.
    **All items are Twin XL, which means they fit standard dorm beds that are 80" in Length**

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