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Showaflops - Women's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal - Ice Cream Cone
Showaflops - Women's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal - Ice Cream Cone Shower Shoes for College

Showaflops - Women's Antimicrobial Shower Sandal

Top Features include:
  • Doesn't just keep your feet off the floor it is Anti-Microbial too!
  • Flip Flop Style Shower Sandal - Perfect College Dorm Easy to Wear Shower Shoes
  • Unique drainage holes & Textured pebble surface help limit wet feet from sliding
  • Deep Diamond Grooves on Bottom to help prevent slipping on slick or wet surfaces

Retail Price $22.99
Student Discount Price $19.99
You Save: $3.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Never trust that the dorm shower floor is clean

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: SHOWA-7002W


You may want an ice cream cone for breakfast but know that it's not good to start your day with ice cream. However, you can start your day with ice cream cone shower flip flops! Give yourself an energetic burst in the morning with cute ice cream cone designs under your feet! You will feel a little more energized and cheerful just by looking down at the cute design!

Our Showaflops - Women's Antimicrobial Shower Sandals aren't just for having cute things on your feet, they also protect you. Those dorm bathrooms can get pretty gross, and even if they look clean you simply don't want to walk through a bathroom without dorm shower shoes. Think about it- there could be 30 or more people living on your dorm floor and walking through that bathroom. Our Ice Cream Cone Showaflops have grips on the bottoms so that you can wear them in the shower and help prevent slipping and sliding. These cute shower flip flops also have drainage holes in them so that when you are showering the water will drain out and not soak up in your shoes like regular flip flops.

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