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The Dean's List (Study Necessities) - College Gift Pack
The Dean's List (Study Necessities) - College Gift Pack


The Dean's List (Study Necessities) - College Gift Pack

Top Feature include:
  • Getting higher than a 3.5GPA may require hard work and brain power, but it certainly doesn't hurt to also have all the key study aid essentials found in this kit!
  • Includes: Bunk Pocket, Calculator, Highlighters, Tape, BookSling - Cranberry, Booksling mini, Pencils (4 Pack), Extension Cord, Book Marker, Mini Adhesive Roller, Ear Buds, Clip Light, 6 Outlet Plug, Stapler Set, Dry Erase Board, Dry Erase Markers, Screen/Lens Cleaner, Q-Knot Ties, Sticky Pages, $5.00 DormCo Gift Card
  • Products college students actually need!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
** Check out the video below to see how you can get a gift pack for your different college needs! The 12 Days of College is a great gift or small move-in pack for your college dorm.

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Package Contains: Gift Box

Package Contains: Calculator

Package Contains: Light

Package Contains: Desk Accessory

Package Contains: Outlet Accessory

Package Contains: Study Aid

Package Contains: Tape

Package Contains: Tape Roller

Package Contains: Bedding Accessory

Package Contains: Bookmarker

Package Contains: Dorm Accessory

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Headphones

Package Contains: Multi-Plug Outlet

Package Contains: Dry Erase Board

Package Contains: Dry Erase Markers

Package Contains: Lens Cleaner

Package Contains: Note Pads

When leaving for college, it's easy for a student to get carried away buying fun dorm accessories. The social aspect of college is always top of mind for incoming students, but the real reason to go away to college is to learn. Students need as many dorm study supplies as possible to make the transition from high school classes to college lectures as smooth as possible. Having all the dorm study accessories included in this pack will help students succeed in their new environment and in college classes. Dean's List won't be out of reach thanks to all the great dorm room study tools and dorm organization accessories in this College Gift Pack!

Pack Includes:
  1. Bunk Pocket - The difference between a good college dorm experience and a bad one is college dorm accessories. The right dorm room supplies make life that much easier and organized, so students can focus on school. The Bunk Pocket is one such item. The Bunk Pocket fits around any size dorm bedpost and is the best place to store a cell phone or any other items students need close by. It'll hold a students cell phone close enough for emergencies, but out of sight enough for students to focus on studying.
  2. Calculator - Even non-math students need calculators! In business, marketing, you name it, students have to be able to do basic math. And at liberal arts schools, math might even be a required subject for everyone! A calculator is one dorm supply every students needs in their desk.
  3. 4 Pack Mini Highlighters - Highlighters are a great study tool. Highlighting key facts and phrases in notes helps students remember more, and it makes important information easier to find. But you don't have to settle for boring dorm accessories. These mini highlighters make studying and highlighting fun! They are the perfect dorm studying accessory, and they can be taken anywhere.
  4. Tape - Imagine a student rustling through stacks of papers and notes. The student finally finds the paper they are looking for wedged under a textbook. They grab at the paper excitedly, but it rips in half under the weight of the textbook. Without a roll of tape in their desk, that student would never be able to put that paper back together again. Tape is a dorm room necessity for studying and decorating. Students should always have a roll or two nearby, in case of ripped paper emergencies!
  5. BookSling - Cranberry - The elastic band on this BookSling stretches to fit most mid to large books. Attached to the elastic is a cranberry colored ribbon that can also be used as a bookmark to help save your place so you won't have to go searching for it when you sit down to study again! The BookSling also has two slip in spots for your pens or highlighters, making this a small but mighty tool when it comes to dorm studying essentials.
  6. BookSling - Mini - This elastic band fits around a small notebook or a stack of index cards and has room for a pen so you can study and take notes easily.
  7. Point It Out Tape - Highlighting notes can get boring after a while, and students sometimes highlight everything on the page, defeating the purpose of highlighting in the first place. Point It Out Tape is the solution to dorm study supply boredom. It literally points out key information in textbooks or notes with a small hand. The pointing hand is followed by a strip of yellow so students can label each note. It's a fun studying accessory for the dorm!
  8. Q Knots - Instead of rubber bands or twist ties that don't hold, our Q KNOT connects by pulling the strap around your item and through the loop. Once through the loop, simply tighten and the gripping teeth will lock the loop in place creating a tight hold on your cords or other items. To untie, just pull the loop end to release.
  9. Pencils (4 Pack) - It would be hard to take notes without pencils, right? As the complete study essentials gift pack, pencils are a necessary addition. Pencils are probably the most important dorm supply as students couldn't go to class or study without them! Pencils are easily lost, however. So, it's a good idea for students to have a spare pack. That way, students will always have what they need to study.
  10. 3 Outlet Indoor Extension Cord - Between lights, computers, cell phones and dorm fridges, students always need more outlets for their dorm accessories. This dorm essentials item has a 6 foot cord that allows you greater versatility in how you move your dorm furniture around your room and where you place your electronics. This dorm accessory is a safety and convenience necessity!
  11. Book Marker - Students can be easily distracted while studying. If a friend walks in to their dorm or they stop for a food break, students need to be able to hit pause on the studying and save their spot. All college students need a book mark, but those free paper ones just won't do. The Book Marker is a cool dorm accessory designed for studying. It lays flat in textbooks to mark a page, but it does so much more. The Book Marker is also a pen and comes with transparent, write on flags to mark pages in textbooks for another study session. Cool dorm accessories make studying and college life all the more fun!
  12. Mini Adhesive Roller - This little dorm supply is useful for organizing study sessions. It dispenses double sided tape perfect for taping up pages and notes to dorm room walls. With such limited space in dorms, it's hard for a student to spread out all of their study materials. With the mini adhesive roller, even dorm walls can be an extension of a desk. Students can more easily organize notes on large dorm walls and it will give them a new perspective in their studying!
  13. Ear Buds - The right music can help students remember more while studying, according to some researchers. But it would be inconsiderate for studying students to blast Beethoven in the dorm room while their roommate slept. Ear buds are an essential dorm study item. Many students prefer listening to music while studying, and ear buds allow them to listen to music all night long without disturbing anyone else. Music can also be relaxing for students stressed out about studying. Ear buds make it easy for students to take a break and unwind with a peaceful melody before tackling more assignments.
  14. Clip Light - With a big test looming, sometimes students have to pull an all nighter. But if their roommate is asleep, it'd be rude for a student to keep the light on all night. Instead of straining to make out words in the dark, students need a small light just for studying. This clip light is the perfect dorm accessory for late night study sessions and for night owls. It clips right on to to textbooks or paperbacks, making it the ultimate dorm study accessory. Students will be glad to have it for those long nights!
  15. 6 Outlet Plug - It's hard to study when a student has to unplug a lamp to make way for the computer charger. Students need many more outlets than provided in dorm rooms. Any tech gadget needs a plug to charge, lights need to be plugged in and there's no point in having a dorm fridge if it can't be plugged in. The 6 Outlet Plug is the dorm accessory students will be thankful to have. With everything plugged in, students study tools will be on and ready to use. Students will stress less knowing their dorm accessories have an outlet.
  16. Stapler Set - These days, more and more professors require college papers to be turned in online. But there's always that one professor who wants a hard copy of everything. After all the hard work, it would be a shame for pages of the paper to be lost simply because the student did not own a stapler. A stapler set is a necessary dorm room supply. It'll save students from misplacing pages of papers, notes and printed out power points. It's a dorm essential in any study kit!
  17. Dry Erase Board - When studying for multiple classes, it's nice to physically cross a task off a list. A dry erase board is the ideal dorm accessory for notes and lists. Students can write out exactly what needs to be done and feel good checking it off. Dry Erase Boards are great organizational tool and dorm study aid. Not to mention they make great pieces of dorm decor!
  18. Dry Erase Markers - Dry Erase Markers are the only way to write on the Dry Erase Board included in this gift pack. Regular markers won't work on white board surfaces, so every student need dry erase markers. Using this dorm essential tool and the dry erase board will help keep busy study schedules organized.
  19. Screen/Lens Cleaner - After hours of staring at a computer screen, the whole thing could start to look fuzzy. On second glance, the computer screen actually is dirty! Dirt and dust collect on everything in college dorm rooms, especially on the screens of computers, phones and tablets. This Screen/Lens cleaner wipes away the dust so students have a clear view of whatever they are studying. It also works well on glasses lenses. Dirty lenses in glasses can give students a headache while studying. With this essential dorm accessory, students will be able to see clearly well into their late night study session.
  20. Sticky Pages - No dorm accessory is more essential for a good study session than sticky notes. They're the perfect dorm supply for making notes, marking pages and writing down important information. No dorm desk is complete without a solid supply of sticky pages. They even make it easy to color code study material!
  21. $5.00 DormCo Gift Card - To restock on study supplies or for last minute dorm supplies, students can us this $5.00 DormCo Gift Card!
A gift box made for your everyday college needs! Watch this video to see the different types of gift packs you can get with the 12 Days of College!

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