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Mini First Aid Kit
A Must For Dorm Life - The College Be Prepared First Aid Kit - Always Good To Be Safe


The College Be Prepared First Aid Kit - (Case Color Varies)

Top Features include:
  • Smart kit to have while away at college - 35 Pieces
  • Being smart means being prepared!
  • Basic First-Aid Supplies for everyday mishaps (See Complete List Below)
  • Everything within a usefully convenient case - (Color Ships Assorted)
    Retail Price $9.90
    Student Discount Price $4.99
    You Save: $4.91
    Dorm Co. Tip: Fix yourself up after those crazy college nights

    Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
    Product Code: MFAKDO-800056

    What's the difference between a regular dorm shopping supplies list and a smart dorm shopping supplies list? In truth there are many difference, but a smart dorm shopping supplies list includes college supplies that help you to prepare not only for the expected, but the unexpected too. In short, it's a smart idea to include a small, practical first-aid kit for college students as part of your dorm stuff. Our Mini First Aid Kit isn't going to serve as a hospital-on-the-go, but it does have basic and practical supplies to help you deal with everyday minor injuries. Hey, dorm life can be a bit rough, between bumps and bruises that occur when running late to class or the everyday paper cut from that evil textbook.

    Having a variety of college stuff is also a sign of a smart dorm shopper. Being prepared for college means expecting the unexpected, and you don't want to have to run to your student health office if you just have a minor cut or injury. Instead, let this mini first-aid kit be one of your most useful college supplies. And since it's such a cheap dorm item, it's a the kind of college supply that, well, just makes sense to include!

    Kit Contains:
    - 10 Plastic Bandages (3/4" x 3")
    - 10 Plastic Bandages (3/8" x 1 1/2")
    - 3 Alcohol Cleansing Pads
    - 1 Butterfly Closure
    - 10 Cotton Tips
    - 1 Reusable Plastic Case

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