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In this section you will find DormCo's selection of solid color college pillowcases. You can mix and match these college pillowcases with your dorm bedding when you choose one of our SuperSoft Microfiber college pillowcases or UltraSoft Microfiber college pillowcases, which are a little softer than our Supersoft bedding option. You're going to need college pillowcases for your dorm pillow - you don't want to just put your head right on your dorm pillow with nothing on your college pillow. Extend the life of your dorm pillow, add to dorm room decor, and add some extra comfort to your dorm bedding with our selection of college pillowcases.
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Don't Overlook Soft Pillowcases! - College Ave UltraSoft Pillowcases (Set of 2) - Super Soft! Essential College Supplies (Set of 2) Supersoft Pillowcases Twin XL Dorm Room Bedding Microfiber Pillowcases (2-Pack) - College Dorm Bedding Twin XL Bedding Extra Long Twin Bedding College Pillowcases
College Ave UltraSoft Pillowcases (2-Pack)
Retail Price $14.99
Student Discount Price $8.95
Supersoft Pillowcases (2-Pack) - College Dorm Bedding
Retail Price $12.99
Student Discount Price $7.95
Microfiber Pillowcases (2-Pack) - College Dorm Bedding
Retail Price $28.99
Student Discount Price $7.95
You want to start college out right. The way to do that is to start college with all the college supplies you need and then some. There's certain dorm essentials you will want to have plenty of just in case. College pillowcases are one of those dorm items. So take a look around, find the perfect college pillowcases to mix and match with your Twin XL dorm bedding, and then make sure you have some extra dorm pillowcases on hand for when you want a fresh college pillowcase without having to do laundry. Plus with so many great colors available, it may be hard to choose just one color!
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