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Space Saver Multi-Hanger with Cedar Scent
Amazing Space Saver - Multi Hanger with Cedar Scent

Space Saver Multi-Hanger with Cedar Scent

Top Features include:
  • Holds 10 Hangers in a space saving 1 hanger spot!
  • Must have space creator for dorm closets
  • 180 Degree Swivel arms - Maximize Closet Space
  • 100% natural cedar insert - Creates a fresh scent in your dorm closet

**Watch the video below to see just how handy this cedar-scent hanger really is!**

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Retail Price $6.95
Student Discount Price $4.92
You Save: $2.03
Dorm Co. Tip: Fitting more clothes = more clothes you can bring!
Dimensions: 1 Hanger = Holds 10 Hangers

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: B-BIN-21-32210

Cedar scented hangers? Oooh we are getting fancy! What a lovely world we live in where in our own college dorm rooms we can enjoy the fresh smell of cedar coming from our closets! College students more than anyone deserve that extra step in home comfort. The Space Saver Multi-Hanger with Cedar Scent is a true gift to any dorm closet and college dorm room.

This Space Saver Multi-Hanger with Cedar Scent is a convenient space saver and incredibly practical dorm room storage accessory. Not only do you get to hang more clothes on ample hangers, you get to wear your clothes after they have been blissfully bathed in the heavenly scent of cedar trees. As far as college stuff goes, this Space Saver Multi-Hanger with Cedar Scent is a dream come true for your college dorm closet.
This cedar scent hanger will make hanging clothes easier and make things smell good! Watch this vid to learn more.
MFG Info
Expand your closet space with a touch of cedar luxury, too! This expanding hanger boasts 10 arms that allows you to hang hangers in the space of one. Staggered arm-length and arms that swivel 180° help hangers lay flatter, so you get the most fit for your space. Ideal for clothing, belts, scarves and hats, this 10-armed hanger renovates your closet quickly and economically. With a touch of 100% natural cedar, this hanger does double-duty, perfuming your closet with freshness and naturally repelling pests, moths, mildew, and mustiness. Save space and enjoy the all-natural benefits of cedar. Oh so worth it. Bring on the closet space.

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