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Slim Tray - Large - Dark Gray
Slim Tray - Large - Dark Gray

Slim Tray - Large - Dark Gray

Top Features include:
  • Complete your dorm room decor
  • Stack your staplers, pen cups, and other desktop accessories on the slim tray
  • Keep important papers in a designated area on your dorm desk
  • Can be stacked with one of the Colorful Desktop Supplies for a unique, cool look!
Student Discount Price $11.99
Dorm Co. Tip: You're in college to study - make sure you have the desk supplies to make studying more efficient
Dimensions: 13.75"L x 9.75"W x 0.5"D

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

A sleek and organized dorm desk space can help up your college studying game and make you feel more focused when you cram in another late night study session. However, if you have all the dorm necessities for studying like a pen cup, dorm stapler, and containers for your smaller college accessories like paper clips, binder clips, push pins, and sticky notes, then with all of these essential studying supplies, your college desk can feel super disorganized! What are you supposed to do when you need easy access to your dorm essentials, but don’t want your dorm desktop to become messy and cluttered? That’s where the Slim Tray - Large - Dark Gray comes in handy.

This practical dorm organizer is the perfect college necessity to contain all of your studying supplies. Stack your favorite pen cup, studying accessory trays, your phone, glasses, and any other studying essentials you want in arms reach on your college desktop. When you corral all your dorm supplies in one spot, your dorm desk space suddenly becomes much more organized and conducive to focusing on your college homework. Mix and match this sleek desk tray with other dorm desk organization from DormCo for a cohesive look that can help make you feel more focused and prepared for your college exams!

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