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RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Top Featherbed - Twin XL
RE-DUCE - Revitalized Down Top Featherbed - Twin XL


RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Top Featherbed - Twin XL

Top Features include:
  • 100% Cotton 233TC Shell - Luxury College Bedding
  • Reprocessed Down Top Featherbed with Green Cotton Piping
  • Anchor Band Straps help keep this topper in place on your TXL bed
  • 70% Newly Processed Down / 30% Newly Processed Feather (Top Layer), 5% Newly Processed Down / 95% Newly Processed Feather (Bottom Layer)
  • Made in Hungary - Dry Clean Only

Looking for RE-DUCE™ - Revitalized Down Top Featherbed in size Queen or King?
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Student Discount Price $238.50
Dorm Co. Tip: Featherbeds are best placed under fitted sheets
Dimensions: 39" x 80"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

RE-DUCE® by definition is environmentally conscious down bedding. Made in Hungary with 100% reprocessed down, RE-DUCE® takes what was destined for a landfill and makes it new, creating purified and reclaimed down bedding excellence.

Byourbed, founded in Buffalo, NY, understands cold weather and the hard working attitude needed to prevent waste. Together, these qualities inspired RE-DUCE®
as the leading brand in repurposed, high quality down bedding luxury.

Twin XL Featherbed: 39" x 80"
Total Weight: 3850g

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