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  The 44-Piece College Dorm Essentials Set - Totally Complete
The 44-Piece College Dorm Essentials Set - Totally Complete - Includes Essentials For College


The 44-Piece College Dorm Essentials Set - Totally Complete

Top Features include:
  • 44 College Dorm Products You NEED for Day 1
  • Gets your dorm bed the absolute best it can be - Pure Comfort
  • All College Bedding sizes Twin Long to fit Dorm Twin XL Beds
  • See list below for details on all the great dorm products included

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Dorm Co. Tip: Package sets offer the most convenient way to dorm shop!

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Product Code: TOP44-ESSENTIALS

Choose Your TXL Comforter

Choose Your TXL Sheets (2 Sets)

Choose Your TXL Blanket

Choose Your TXL Mattress Pad

Choose Your Bath Towel Set

Choose Your Bedding Accessory

Choose Your Bed Risers

Choose Your Hamper / Laundry Bag

Choose Your 3PC Wash Cloths

Add a Bed Topper?

Add a Pillow?

Package Contains: College Caddy

Package Contains: Silverware Set

Package Contains: Mattress Encasement

Package Contains: Mattress Encaseme:

If you want dorm life to be as convenient, fun, and comfortable as possible, you'll need the right dorm supplies. Plain and simple, college dorms don't offer very much as far as supplies or comforts when you first move in. It will be your job to outfit your dorm room with all the essentials for college that you'll need to ensure a successful first year at school. So where to begin? If you made a dorm shopping checklist, you'll likely find most of the college items on that list right here below. DormCo's 44-Piece College Dorm Essentials Set - Totally Complete has all your college essentials covered.

Your bedding for college, taken as a whole, is perhaps the most extensive and is certainly one of the most important categories of college shopping. Our Essentials Set provides all your college bedding needs, ensuring you'll be covered in comfort and that you'll have all the practical bedding supplies needed. As the largest piece of college furniture, properly equipping that dorm bed is paramount! How come? You might have heard that you won't be sleeping very much in college between all the studying and social activities. But that's not true! When you have the chance to sleep in, you'll want to take it. So ensure you're comfortable by having the right dorm bedding supplies!

We offer plenty of other dorm necessities in this dorm kit. From laundry supplies for college to dorm bathroom supplies, all of these products are much-needed college items. Buying them as part of a kit will save you time and add convenience to your dorm-shopping experience. Remember, college should be a great experience ... but to make it just that, be sure you have all the right supplies for college! That dorm room is more than just a living space; it's a new home.

Essentials Package includes:
  • Comforter - All comfortable dorm beds start with a cozy, soft-to-the-touch comforter and all DormCo.com comforters are of high quality, from our supersoft microfiber and 230 TC cotton to our EXCLUSIVE jersey knit cotton and plush comforters, you cannot go wrong with whatever comforter you select. (All sized 90"L for Twin XL dorm beds... no 86" comforters here!) Tough Decision?: Each comforter image and description can be found by clicking HERE.
  • 2 Sheet Sets (6 Pieces) - Every college student needs sheets. With this package you get two sets, each with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillow case. Opt for our super-soft or ultra-soft microfiber, or upgrade to cotton or jersey knit. All are sized for twin extra long bedding and are guaranteed to fit! Best of all, each option is very nice quality; we don't offer cheap or rough-feeling dorm sheets! Tough Decision?: Each sheet set image and description can be found by clicking HERE.
  • Bed Bug Encasement - Bed bugs can be an issue in any college or university. Bed bugs are plenty gross! We don't have to tell you that. Those school-provided mattresses will be plenty old and very used. Yet whether it's an old or new mattress, bed bugs can be an issue. So seal off that mattress from the rest of your dorm bedding by using a Bed Bug Encasement. Don't let bed bugs cause you any unwanted worry. To view our Bed Bug Encasement images and description, click HERE.
  • Mattress Pad - Mattress pads for college fully cover the surface of that school-provided dorm mattress that has been used for way too many years! You can choose from the basic, get-the-job done mattress pad, or upgrade to the cotton-top, waterproof or featherbed version. Tough Decision?: Each Mattress Pad image and description can be found by clicking HERE.
  • Bed Risers - Bedding Accessory (Ships in Black or White) - Maximizing space in your small dorm room can be a challenge, but it's much less of a task if you have the right dorm supplies. For that reason, bed risers are dorm essentials. These risers will add 6" to the height of your dorm bed, meaning you'll have more space underneath for storage of other dorm items. That underbed space is prime storage, so make the most of it with our college bed risers. The Bed Risers image and description can be found by clicking HERE
  • TXL Dorm Bedding Blanket - A good twin XL blanket for college is a dorm essential! We have a variety of fleece blankets and plush blankets that will keep you warm and comfy and can add an extra layer of bedding for those extra cold nights. When you need to take a nap and don't want to climb under all your covers, toss a big, comfy blanket over yourself. Warning, quick naps can easily stretch to hours-long naps. Try a different or upgraded blanket. It's guaranteed to still be comfy and soft! The TXL dorm bedding blankets' images and descriptions can be found by clicking HERE
  • Jumbo Mesh Laundry Bags (2 units - Colors Vary. Red, blue, or white) - Who likes doing laundry in college? No one? Oh well. At least with the right laundry supplies for college, you'll make the task easier on yourself. Having two basic dorm laundry bags means you can carry twice the amount of dirty laundry. With two, you can also put off the task of laundry for that much longer! To view the Jumbo Mesh Laundry Bags images and description, click HERE.
  • Dental Set (8 Pieces) - Don't forget to pack your toothbrush! Actually, you'll need many more college bathroom supplies than only a toothbrush when you're headed off to dorm life. Our dental set will offer a variety of essential toiletries for college and is geared toward keeping those teeth clean and sparkling! College eating habits sometimes aren't the most healthy, so be prepared with this kit. Bonus: Add our inexpensive on-the-go travel containers (Airport-ready, contains four less-than 3oz containers that can hold a variety of liquid items.) To view the Dental Set, click HERE
  • Headside Caddy - Bedding Accessory - Our Headside Caddy offers an innovative yet simple means of storing essentials for college like your glasses or TV remote next to your bed. Dorm rooms lack nightstands, which is an issue our bedding accessories solve! Whether you select the Headside Caddy, the Bed Post Shelf, or the Bunk Pocket, all of these cool dorm items are designed to bring storage space bedside. You shouldn't have to walk across the room just to grab your cell phone or turn off your alarm! That's what makes bedside storage key. Click HERE to view the Headside Caddy, HERE to view the Bunk Pocket, and HERE to view the Bed Post Shelf. .
  • College Caddy (3-Pack - Colors Vary) - When you're headed off for your daily shower, it'll take even more motivation to wake up early if you have to carry an armload of college shower supplies to the communal bathroom. Save your arms; include some cheap shower caddies for college as part of your dorm stuff. These fun, basic caddies offer varying colors and are just what's needed to fit all that shower stuff. Extra shower stuff? Use two caddies! To view the College Caddy and all its colors, click HERE.
  • Wash Cloths (3-Pack Colors Vary) & Optional Loofa (1 unit) - You have the option of selecting either guy or girl colors for our wash cloths for college. Regardless of color, you'll get a set of three wash cloths for college students, a bathroom supplies essential for college. Trying to use your bath towel for all your drying needs means it'll always be wet, and it isn't practical when you just want to wash your face. So grab these wash cloths and optional loofa, and you'll make staying clean in college that much more convenient. To view the wash cloths and loofa, click HERE.
  • Quick-Dry Bath Towel (Bath Sheet Size) - Our Quick-Dry Bath Towel will dry extra quick in the dryer! No more spending extra quarters waiting for your towel for college to dry. Our Quick-Dry towel is available in different sizes, but don't worry; a larger size doesn't mean it will take a long time to dry. You can always choose our four-piece standard towels set as well to ensure your towel needs for college are all set. To view images and the description of our Quick-Dry Towel, click HERE.
  • Silverware Set (12 Piece - Colors Vary. Black, blue, or red) - Don't be a student who steals silverware from your school cafeteria. Bring your own set of silverware for college with our Silverware Set. You'll get tired of eating cafeteria food all the time, and when you do, you'll want a quick dorm meal. Make sure you have some silverware so you don't have to eat with your hands! To view images and the description of our Silverware Set, click HERE.

** Processing Ship Speed (Handling) - Ships within 12-24 Hours after you order! ... We know you need it right away and your wait time only depends on the ship speed you pick! Ships ASAP.

Smart Items to Add on:
  • Bed Topper - The dorm bed your college gives you will be old, flimsy, and uncomfortable too! Our Toppers range from your basic foam egg crate to our ultra thick and plush featherbeds and memory foam toppers. Choose the quality that fits your need and budget. Tough Decision?: Each Topper image and description can be found by clicking HERE.
  • Pillow - Where you lay your head is important, and for that reason our Dorm Packages let you select the pillow that best suits your needs. Go basic and save or upgrade and sleep in luxury! Tough Decision?: Each Pillow image and description can be found by clicking HERE.

**All items are Twin XL, which means they fit standard dorm beds that are 80" in Length**