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Here you will find our Over The Shoulder College Laundry Bags. These are a great option for easily carrying your college laundry to the dorm laundry room. What makes these so different from standard college laundry bags is the ability to carry them on your back! That's right, these are dorm laundry backpacks! Carry them on your shoulders and you can more evenly distribute the weight of your laundry on both shoulders. Plus most of our dorm laundry backpacks have a pocket in the front to hold your dorm laundry card, college student ID card, money for the laundromat, or even your delicate dorm items.
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Carry Your Clothes - Laundry Backpack - Vibrant - Necessary For College Laundry Backpack - TUSK College Storage

Have a durable, tough Dorm Laundry Backpack for your treks to the dorm laundry room with multiple loads of laundry!

Other retailers $19.99
Discount Price $12.25
You Save: $7.74
Zip Zag Laundry Bag Dorm Necessities College Supplies Dorm Laundry Bag Zip Zag Laundry Bag

Make carrying your laundry to the dorm laundry room easier with our Zip Zag Laundry Bag.

Other retailers $24.97
Discount Price $14.81
You Save: $10.16
DormCo has a wide selection of dorm laundry backpacks for you to choose from! You may not want to drag a dorm laundry bag or college laundry hamper one handed down to the dorm room basement laundry room. Our dorm laundry backpack will allow you to carry your dorm laundry on your back and evenly distribute the weight. Choose your favorite color or colors for your dorm laundry backpack! Can't decide between two? Get them both and you will have one dorm laundry backpack for your dark clothes and one dorm laundry backpack for your light clothes! No more dyed white shirts for you!
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