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Ironing Blanket
Ironing Blanket Dorm ironing essential

Ironing Blanket

Top Features include:
  • Turns your bed, desk or floor into an ironing board
  • Allows you to iron almost anywhere
  • Easy to store - Dorm Space Saver
  • Makes your dorm ironing easier

**Using your chest or someone else's chest as an ironing board is simply not an option, check out our Video Below to see how our freshman saved himself from serious burns by pulling out an Ironing Blanket**

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Retail Price $9.46
Student Discount Price $7.55
You Save: $1.91
Dorm Co. Tip: Turn your bed into an ironing board!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: H2-3-7-129

Ironing in dorms wouldn't be a challenge except for the lack of space. There is simply no room for bulky ironing boards, and for this reason our Ironing Blanket is a must have dorm product! Ironing requires a surface that allows your clothes to become crease free. In dorm rooms, students have to be resourceful and use the top of their desk or their bed to iron. This would actually work if you could lay your clothes on something.

...Introducing our Ironing Blanket!

Unlike a towel, which leaves ugly indents on your newly ironed clothes, our Ironing Blanket provides the perfect surface for ironing. The heat resistant material also ensures your university provided desk won't get ruined. Using anything else will most likely let the heat transfer through, which could result in end of the year fines from your college. The Ironing Blanket gives you the perfect portable ironing spot. Wherever you can find open space is where you can iron. Once you add our versatile, space saving Ironing Blanket to your shopping cart, that dreaded task of ironing won't be so bad.

The Ironing Blanket is ideal for traveling. Spring Break? Road trips? No matter where you are headed the Ironing Blanket can fold up, fit in your suitcase and provide an ideal spot for ironing. With our Ironing Blanket you can be sure you and your clothes will always look good.

Material: Silver Silicone Coated

Dimensions: 28.25" L x 21.75" W

Now here's a cool dorm product that's just as practical! Watch this skit ... but don't be a bully!

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