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Possum Hanger - Multi Use
Multi Use College Dorm Hanger Durable Black Wire Grid Hanger for College Fashion Accessories


Possum Hanger™ - Multi Use

Top Features include:
  • Ultimate closet space saver - Top hook can rotate 360 degrees
  • Five hooks are great for organizing belts, hats, and more
  • Black wire grid can hold scarves and more
  • Additional clothes hangers can be hung on the bottom

Student Discount Price $14.99

Dorm Co. Tip: Add a versatile hanger to organize your compact college closet
Dimensions: 23.62" x 15.75"W

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

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If you’ve done your research on what it’s like to live in a college dorm room, you know that there will be limited storage space, especially in freshman residence halls. Thankfully, most freshman dorms do at least include some sort of closet or wardrobe for you to store your college clothing essentials; however, even this clothing storage space will be tiny! Taking advantage of useful dorm storage and college closet organizers like our Possum Hanger™ - Multi Use can help you make the most of your small dorm closet. This convenient closet hanging organizer has a number of versatile uses and helpful features that make it a must-have addition to your dorm packing checklist.

Other dorm closet organizer hangers may have a specialized purpose, like a jewelry organizer, a scarf and belt holder, or a hanger space-saver that allows you to stack multiple hangers on one hook. However, this college storage solution can do all of the above in one useful college dorm item! A row of 5 hooks can be used to hang jewelry, hats, masks, and more. And with rows of open grids taking up the rest of this dorm organizing hanger, how you use the rest of this storage is up to you! Loop scarves and belts through the grids, or hang tons of extra clothing on this closet space-saver hanger. Better yet, with a main hook that fully rotates 360º, you can easily access any of your closet items without worry. Maximize your closet space with this versatile storage hanger!

Unboxing Video! Possum Hanger - Multi Use Organizer
Possum Hanger - Multi Use

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