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Hand & Foot Nail Clippers - Black
Hand & Foot Nail Clippers - Black

Hand & Foot Nail Clippers - Black

Top Features include:
  • Compact, easy to use nail clippers
  • Fun Hand & Foot design
  • Link chain can attach to your shower caddy
  • Inexpensive dorm supply that is easily forgotten!
Retail Price $9.99
Student Discount Price $4.25
You Save: $5.74
Dorm Co. Tip: An easily forgotten essential!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: KIK-MN11-BLK

Often the smallest of dorm essentials are the ones that are most easily forgotten - like nail clippers. Don’t wait until you need to borrow your roommate's or friend’s (not exactly sanitary) and don’t bother going to the campus health clinic just to clip a hang nail. Our Hand and Foot Nail Clippers in black are fun and compact nail clippers that are perfect for dorm shower caddies, travel bags (not for flying!), and bathroom drawers. Our nail clippers are fun enough to make it cool to be carrying around clippers.

Our Hand and Foot nail clippers will also keep you hygienic and clean in the dorms. Think about it: Your feet sweat and spend all day in socks or shoes, walking around your college campus. Your hands come in contact with millions of germs. These bacteria and microbes can easily transfer from your fingernails to your toenails (hello, nail fungus!) through your nail clippers. And if you’re sharing with friends, families, or the random person in your college dorm -- things get weird, fast. College nail clippers should be cleaned after every use. But with our Hand and Foot clippers, you lower the risk of spreading contaminants and because of their fool-proof hand and foot shape, you’ll never forget which clipper is for your hands or feet! Keep all your nails in shape and looking great while traveling or in your college dorm with our fun and functional Hand and Foot nail clippers!

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