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Grad Gift Pack - The College Necessities Kit
Dorm Products A College Student May Need - Grad Gift Pack - The College Necessities Kit

Grad Gift Pack - The College Necessities Kit

Top Feature include:
  • 8 Dorm Essentials every dorm can't do without!
  • Includes: Shower Caddy, Laundry Bag, Hot Pot, Bed Post Shelf, Dueling Cooker, Dorm Scent, WashEZE & Poster Dot N Go.
  • These items will actually be used throughout the semester
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
Retail Price $68.88
Student Discount Price $46.77
You Save: $22.11
Dorm Co. Tip: Gift Packs beat picture frames any day of the week

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: DORMCO-2012KIT2

Package Contains: Laundry Bag

Package Contains: Laundry Sheets

Package Contains: Laundry Sh:

Package Contains: Bedding Accessory

Package Contains: Dorm Eating Accessory

Package Contains: Dorm Eating*:

Package Contains: Glue Dots

Our Grad Gift Pack - The College Necessities Kit is a high school graduation gift set that will actually be used. These dorm essentials will come in handy for any high school graduate moving off to college.

Pack Includes:

Hot Pot - A must for cooking fast snacks/meals in a dorm
Poster Dot N Go -
Hangs all your posters and pics with ease!
Jumbo Laundry Bag -
A must-have item for all dorm dwellers.
Bed Post Shelf -
Keeps your items bedside within reach.
Pop Up Dorm Caddy -
Holds your bathroom toiletries
Dorm Scent -
Keeps your dorm room smelling fresh
Dueling Cooker -
Cooks two of your favorite dorm food items at once!
WashEZE -
3-in-1 detergent, softener & dryer sheet... simple for college students

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