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Girl's Traction Shower Sandals - Pink/Brown
Girl's Traction Shower Sandals - Pink/Brown - Cheap Shower Shoes For College

Girl's Traction Shower Sandals - Pink/Brown

Top Features include:
  • Keep your feet off the nasty community shower floor
  • Comfortable Fitting, Stylish & Athlete Foot Preventing
  • Traction Rubber Slip Prevention Bottom
  • Comfort Cushion Sole - No Slip
Retail Price $16.99
Student Discount Price $9.58
You Save: $7.41
Dorm Co. Tip: Never trust that the dorm shower floor is clean

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: R3-1-4-TRACPB


Using communal showers isn't as comfortable as using your shower at home is, but you'll have to get used to it! To make it easier on yourself, having the right shower supplies for college always helps. First and foremost, the right shower shoes for college can make all the difference. Good flip flops for showering should be comfortable, cheap, and able to keep those feet off the floor. Our Girl's Traction Shower Sandals - Pink/Brown will do all of that and a bit more. These cheap shower shoes have some extra traction to make sure you're not sliding around that shower floor like it's ice. That whole communal bathroom floor can be wet with runoff shower water, making the whole commute potentially treacherous!

If shower floors weren't so icky, the right college shower flip flops wouldn't be such essential dorm supplies. Since there's no hope that those shower floors will ever be clean, you'll need quality, yet cheap flip flops to keep those feet protected. Throwing some color in the mix also can't hurt, as you'll see these girls' shower shoes are quite colorful. Bright pink is just what's needed to wake you up a bit in the morning, and it's nice to bring some brighter colors to the gray surroundings of communal showers.

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