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Wombat Joey® is the perfect mate to have with you in your dorm room! Designed to perfectly fit your college desk chair, this unique dorm item will increase the storage space for your essential college supplies. The Wombat Joey® in white or black is made with a stretchy material so it won't take away from the comfort of your dorm chair while also allowing you to store so much dorm stuff in its pouch! Inspired by the pouch of a mother marsupial, this one of a kind college storage item helps you hold a wide variety of dorm essentials. Stretchy enough to fit your college textbooks and college notebooks, you can even fit your favorite snacks in this dorm pouch if you have a long night of studying, homework, or even watching TV ahead of you. And if your college apartment allows pets you now have the perfect place for your pet kangaroo or pet wombat! While that last example might be a little farfetched, you get the idea. This helpful college pouch is perfect for providing extra, hidden storage for your college essentials in your dorm room.
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Wombat Joey Chair Pouch - Black Wombat Joey Chair Pouch - White
Wombat Joey Chair Pouch - Black
Student Discount Price $12.99
Wombat Joey Chair Pouch - White
Student Discount Price $12.99
This stretchy white or black dorm pouch will fit your college desk chair while allowing for the most space possible for your dorm room supplies. Fit your college textbooks, small dorm items, and even a variety of dorm room snacks in this college pouch. Made with an elastic opening to fit any college desk chair, this black or white dorm room essential is an inexpensive way to upgrade the storage in your dorm room. Such a useful dorm item is a must for any college dorm, especially for maximum snack storage for those long nights of studying ahead.
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