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Dorm in a Trunk Pack
Dorm in a Trunk Pack


Dorm in a Trunk Pack

Top Features include:
  • 11 Piece College Dorm Package
  • Gets your dorm bed the absolute best it can be with all your TXL bedding essentials!
  • Includes: Twin XL Comforter, 3PC Sheet Set, Twin XL Sized Mattress Pad, Bed Blanket, Towel, Shower Loofahs, and Dorm Trunk
  • All sizes Twin Extra Long to fit College Dorm Twin XL Beds

Retail Price $249.99
Student Discount Price $219.99
You Save: $30.00

Dorm Co. Tip: Package Sets SAVE $$$

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TRUNKPACK-D

Choose Your TXL Comforter

Choose Your TXL Sheets (1 Set)

Choose Your TXL Blanket

Choose Your TXL Mattress Pad

Choose Your Trunk

Choose Your Bath Towel(s)

Package Contains: Shower Loofah/Wash Cloth Set

Package Contains: Shower Loofah/Wa*:

Feeling overwhelmed with how long your essential dorm supplies shopping list has grown? Between your Twin XL bedding, college decor, and other dorm necessities that you will need to use throughout the semester, we know it can seem a bit much. Let DormCo take away some of the stress and make your dorm shopping a fun experience! When you choose our Dorm in a Trunk Pack, you are effectively taking a big chunk out of your college essentials list. This must have college package includes comfortable Twin extra long bedding, handy dorm towels and college loofahs to keep you clean and dry, and a useful college trunk that is an essential part of your dorm room. Going away to college should be a fun experience, so relax and enjoy choosing the perfect dorm item options for you and your dorm room!

This college dorm package starts with your college comforter and provides you with so many options so not only can you pick the perfect comfort level for your soft dorm bedding but also the perfect style for your Twin XL bedding decor. Next, you get to choose your essential dorm bedding sheets and a comfy college blanket. These must have college bedding items will add to the style and comfort of your Twin extra long bed. And since your dorm mattress was probably previously used, you're going to really enjoy the Twin XL mattress pad that comes in this dorm essentials pack! This college package also includes dorm shower loofahs and your choice of college bath towel. And no dorm room is complete without a one of a kind dorm trunk! A versatile college trunk will add to the style and function of your dorm room, and this dorm kit lets you choose the perfect one for your needs. Use your dorm trunk to move your college supplies into your dorm room and as a nightstand, foot rest, and/or an essential spacing saving college storage unit. This college package will save you time, money, and anxiety...get your dorm essentials all in one place!

  • Choose Your TXL Comforter - A comfortable dorm bed start starts with a cozy, high quality comforter. DormCo offers a variety of soft to the touch Twin XL comforters to create the perfect sleeping environment in your dorm room. From our Supersoft Microfiber and our 100% 300TC Cotton comforters, to our exclusive Textured & Plush Comforters, you'll find a style and color that suits all your needs. All of our comforters are sized 90"L to perfectly fit on Twin XL dorm beds.
    • Microfiber: Our supersoft Microfiber comforters for college are unbelievably comfortable with a softer than cotton feel. Available in either a solid color or reversible, these comforters add versatility and style to your dorm room decor.
    • Texture: Soft textured fabric surrounding a thick inner fill make these Textured comforters an elegant addition to your dorm bedding. From Pin Tucks to Handcrafted Details, we have all the gorgeous, eye catching styles needed to enhance the look and feel of your college bed.
    • Designer: The bold pattern and vibrant colors of our designer Twin XL comforters are just what you need to create a lively environment in your dorm room.
    • 100% Cotton: Choose between 300TC or 400TC. Either way, our 100% cotton comforters provide a silky soft, natural feel and a restful night's sleep. And since cotton draws heat away from your body, you won't feel too hot at night. Whichever option you choose, know that you're opting for the softest comforter and an unforgettable sleeping experience.
    • Plush - Coma Inducer: The softest, most plush Twin XL college comforters you can find. Our Coma Inducer Comforters are the warmest dorm bedding around, meaning you won't be cold on cool nights when you're wrapped up in one of these comforters on your dorm bed!
    • Luxury: Reward yourself with thick, luxurious bedding crafted from the finest materials - including Down Fill or our Top Selling Bare Bottom and Natural Loft brands. Make your dorm bed a place of utmost comfort and quality with a Luxury Comforter that will make your Twin XL sized bed incredibly cozy.
  • Choose Your TXL Sheet Set - Every college student needs soft sheets to cover their dorm bed. Included in this package are (1) fitted sheet, (1) flat sheet and (1) pillow case to provide a comfortable surface to lie on. Choose among our supersoft microfiber sheet sets or upgrade to cotton or luxury plush. All are sized for a Twin Extra Long dorm bed and guaranteed to fit! Best of all, our sheet sets are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring a cozy feel to your dorm bed.
    • Microfiber Supersoft: Made of the same material as our Reversible Twin XL and Pin Tuck College Comforters, our Microfiber Supersoft bed sheets are softer than cotton for extra comfort that will keep you cozy every night.
    • 100% Cotton: Natural 300TC or 400TC cotton bed sheets in Brushed Twill or Sateen give your dorm bed a refreshing touch - meaning your dorm sheets will feel silky soft. We even offer the finest Cotton Sheets made in Portugal. Not to mention cotton is hypoallergenic and breathable, perfect for sensitive skin types.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: These double layered coral fleece bed sheets provide an overload of comfort on your Twin XL dorm bed. Immerse yourself in a luxuriously soft comfort for a quality night's sleep and drift off into dreamland.
    • Coma Inducer: The warmest, most plush dorm bed sheets, offering incredible warmth and comfort that you have to feel to believe! With a set of our Coma Inducer sheets on your dorm bed you'll have a hard time getting up for class!
    • Are You Kidding: These bedding sheets are ridiculously thick for a comfort you'll immediately want to sink into. The fitted sheet and pillow case are made of super soft coral fleece, while the flat sheet is made of thick, wild plush and coral fleece. What's certain is that these sheets will have your jaw dropping in no time.
    • Luxury: Choose our White Sand Tencel Twin XL sheets or from a wide variety of colors available in our Bare Bottom brand Twin XL sheets for silky softness. Elegance and comfort combined is rare to find in dorm bedding, but with these luxury Bare Bottom sheets infused with spandex you can invest a little more in your quality of sleep.
  • Choose Your TXL Bed Blanket - Quality dorm bedding is incomplete without the perfect bed blanket. Our selection of various fleece, plush or fiber options offer the highest level of comfort on your Twin XL dorm bed. No matter which blanket you decide on, add an extra layer of comfort to your college bedding.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: Incredibly soft, incredibly comfy. Made of a smooth coral fleece, our Me Sooo Comfy dorm blanket is designed for a layer of comfort that you won't expect in regular dorm bedding. So get ready to cuddle up with this blanket for a movie night or study session in your dorm room!
    • Coma Inducer: An unbelievably soft dorm blanket that is essential for comfort and warmth on cool nights. Made of thick plush this blanket is thick and cozy, but will also add to your dorm room decor!
    • Baby Bird Twin Blanket: When leaving the nest, the best thing for a new college student to have in their dorm room is comfortable dorm bedding. These soft and cozy Twin XL blankets are designed for ultimate comfort!
  • Choose Your TXL Mattress Pad - Get some added padding for your dorm bedding and most importantly fully cover the university dorm mattress that has been used for way too many years! You can choose from the basic, get the job done mattress pad, or upgrade to the cotton-top, waterproof or featherbed version.
    • Anchor Band: This dorm Twin XL Mattress Pad will offer the barrier you need between your dorm bedding and college mattress. Available in either cotton or polyester, each option has elastic bands on the corners to keep the mattress pad in place.
    • Fitted: This mattress pad fits securely around each side of your dorm bed like a fitted sheet while offering an extra layer of softness to your dorm bed. Available in cotton or polyester so you can choose what option best suits your comfort level.
    • Waterproof-Silent: This mattress pad anchors securely around each corner of your dorm bed while offering a waterproof barrier that prevents water or spills from hitting the bed.
    • Extra-Thick Fitted: This Twin XL Mattress Pad offers the same great coverage on each side of your dorm bed as our regular fitted option, but it is extremely comfortable with an extra thick layer of cushioning.
    • 100% Cotton: Choose between a 100% cotton top mattress pad or a 100% all around cotton fill Twin XL mattress pad. Either choice gives you a comfortable and breathable college mattress pad.
    • Perma-Dry Waterproof: You don't want damage fees at the end of the year. This dorm essentials item has three barrier layers to protect your Twin XL Mattress while ensuring you have an extra layer of soft comfort.
    • Anti-Bacterial: In case you need extra protection between you and your old dorm mattress. This essential Twin XL mattress pad has a cozy down alternative fill that has an anti-bacterial treatment to keep you and your college bedding nice and clean.
    • Pure Plush: Give your dorm bedding extra comfort with this cozy Memory Foam filled Twin XL mattress pad. The amazingly comfortable shredded Memory Foam interior and support foam fill is surrounded by cotton on the front and back to further the comfort of this must have dorm mattress pad.
  • Trunk - A dorm trunk makes moving in and moving out of college much, much easier. College trunks are sturdier than suitcases, but they're useful for more than just transporting your college stuff. Use a trunk as a night stand or prop it up as a footrest or mini coffee table. Get creative!
    • VIN: This dorm essential dorm trunk includes two wheels for easy transport to and from college. The VIN Trunk comes in a variety of colors or our upgraded Steel Plated appearance option to match your dorm room decor and will be able to hold plenty of extra clothes, college textbooks, or for whatever you need extra dorm room storage.
    • Sorority: Our Sorority dorm trunk with wheels has plenty of dorm room storage space for your college supplies and adds to dorm room decor. The Sorority Trunks have high trend style and design so you are going to have a great looking dorm room storage dorm item that adds to your dorm room decorations.
    • Central Style: These Cushion Seater Trunks not only provide you with additional storage for your dorm room, but doubles as extra seating for you and your friends! With a rustic but chic appearance they'll add style to your dorm room. Each trunk has two latches on the front for a secure close, and have the ability for padlocks to be added if you need extra security.
    • The Iron Brick Trunk: This dorm necessities item is incredibly durable and rugged. With two wheels and a handle on each end, you can pack this dorm trunk up and it can take the normal day to day abuse from move in day and beyond.
  • Choose Your Bath Towel - These 100% cotton bath towels are available in a range of quantities and color options so you have exactly what you need to start college out right. Choose from as few as one towel or upgrade to a 6 Piece Set.
    • Super Absorb: These cotton dorm towels have a super absorbent quality to them. Whether you're using the bath towels after a quick shower or using a washcloth on your face before bed you'll enjoy the soft feel of this superb cotton against your skin.
    • Zero Twist: The dense loops of these college bath towels provide exceptional absorbency. Made from combed long staple zero twist cotton, these light weight but plush dorm towels provide pure luxury.
    • Quick Dry: These dorm bath essentials have a decreased drying time whether on the dorm drying rack or in the dryer. But just because they're Quick Dry doesn't mean they skimp on the comfort, as these plush towels are made from 100% combed cotton.
  • Shower Loofah (2-Pack) - Make the most of communal dorm showers by having this bath sponge ready in your shower caddy so you can really scrub the dirt off before heading off to class. These essential loofahs are quick and convenient dorm shower essentials

**All items are Twin XL, which means they fit standard dorm beds that are 80" in Length**

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